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How to do Top of the Line Email Marketing

Make sure you build a legitimate list of contacts, permission provides a foundation for delivering value, because the people on your address list are interested in the emails you send, so what you really want is the biggest possible list of individuals who have asked to hear about what you offer, and not just a lot of random email addresses. Also, choose a great ESP such as Emailbrain for your needs: An ESP (Email Service Provider) hosts email marketing software online, which is specifically optimized to do the heavy-lifting for bulk newsletter sending. Before you start emailing, it’s vital that you choose the best choose the best ESP for your business.

Do not forget that it is also important to target your data and that sending irrelevant or generic emails can be risky, as these may provoke recipients to ignore your messages or mark them as spam. Since subscribers have individual likes, as your list grows it becomes important to identify groups that share similar interests and use segmentation (the practice of clustering addresses) to improve your results, by sending appealing content targeted to their specific wants.

Also, it is important to design your newsletters With Mobile in Mind, with email inboxes more crowded than ever, at least half of the battle is in finding ways to stand out from the masses with the quality of your design. Make sure to add a clear unsubscribe link, spam complaints can have a disastrous effect on your sender reputation. Unfortunately, even when people have explicitly signed up for an email they may still use the "report spam" button. Some readers even use the report spam button instead of going through the proper unsubscribe process, since both tactics have the same outcome for them. Always write an appealing subject line and increase your open rate. By writing a subject line is a very important element of your communications strategy that you shouldn’t leave until deadlines are looming. These first few characters are the doorstep to your emailing success; since it’s all you have to entice readers to open your message. Since a subject line should distill the essence of an email, consider writing it first, as this will help keep your content from straying off topic.


Avoid Currency Signs ($$$) in the Subject Line

You may think that a dollar --or any currency-- sign in the subject line of your message might be a clever way to promote a sale or a business. Truth is most people, including ISPs and junk mail filters, will delete your email without even finishing to read the subject line.

Like I've said before, no one likes junk mail, and your email marketing campaigns should avoid any similarities with spam.


Tips on the Subject Line when sending out a newsletter

Tips for Email Marketing:

1. Be concise- Your subject line should not exceed 50 characters, and it should get to the point. Only type what is important on the email.

2. Test it before sending it out. Use our A/B split test feature to test different subject lines, and use the ones that gave you a higher open rate.

3. Personalize your subject line- Make sure to personalize it with your clients preferences, which will make them want to open the newsletter.

4. Include the name of your company- It will make your reader feel confident on what they are opening.

5. Give it a timeline- If the client sees that he/she has limited time, they will take  an action regarding the email, very quick.

6. Put yourself in your client’s shoes- As yourself, if I was my own client, would I open this email?


10 Tips that all Email Marketers should know

I want to give some tips that should keep in mind when planning your email marketing campaigns. 1. Frequency in sendings- always be conscious not to overload your customers by sending them a lot of information in a very often manner, since the result can be making your clients tired. Also do not wait much time between a referral and another, since your subscribers may forget who you are and may ignore your message. 2. Subject line - good subject line can make open emails’ rate increase. So when you write the subject line explain what the newsletter is about but in a interseting  and creative manner. Remember that if someone presses the button "like" in the newsletter, the subject line is to be seen on Facebook, and many people will see your newsletter, and if they find your newsletter interesting they can end up registering in  your mailing list. 3. Surveys -from time to time send in your newsletters a survey to know what customers think about your services, products and even their newsletter. 4. Turn yourself into your  customer-Each time you receive a newsletter from another company what do you think about these newsletters, would you like to give any suggestions, What suggestions would you give? Do this same exercise with their newsletters, analyze, what they need or do not need. Are the colors, text, images attractive for the entire audience? Think like your reader and each time try to improve your newsletter. 5. Welcome Message- Once they register to your mailing list (subscription form)  program to send a welcome newsletter automatically. This message is welcoming them, so you must be clear in what you say, and the client will see that you care who is registered in your list and you  can also explain to them what expect from your newsletters.

6. Send – test before sending, never send an email marketing campaign without testing, always forward a test to yourself. Then if you get it, send it to some of your colleagues so they can check for any error that it may contain. Remember that it can get though fine in Hotmail can but for any reason in Gmail  it may not turn out so well, so you must fix it so it reaches all emails just fine, so it is very important to always send proof before sending  to your  list. Remember that we offer the preview feature inbox, where you can see how they look at each email providers. 7. Mailing List- Keep all your mailing lists clean and make sure all emails are opt-in. The less unsubscribes you have is because you are doing something good in your newsletter and is really being sent to people who want to know about your products / services. Also, remember that if your lists are opt-in, you can start to receive complaints and may block your account. 8. Spam- Make sure to test your newsletter for spam, and the result must be less than 1. When you go into your account to send> send to list, there we give you the option to test for spam. The less the spam score is, the less likely they are to be considered spam by spam filters. Also note not to use words like free viagra, money, easy sex and so on, and do not use a lot of red in your texts. These words are considered spam by spam filters. 9. Keep up to date- When writing your newsletters know the topic you are writing about, if you are giving statistics make sure that are current, if you are going to talk about competition make sure that it is accurate. Always give exact information when you are  writing it, because if you start to make up information or write the first thought that comes to your mind, more than one of your customers will notice and stop believing in your company and the information you submit.

10. Newsletter design- Make your newsletter easy to understand, make the key points identifiable immediately, do not use many colors or images, or text only.  Be creative, call the attention of your customers but do  not overwhelm the with many things. à Be creative, get your clients attention, but do  not overwhelm the with many things.


Email Etiquette not a thing of the past

Your newsletter is still an email and you should maintain your email etiquette. Keep in mind these few points for the next time you send information to your customers

 -Create a subject line that is not misleading and that is accurate with the content of the email. Do not use bogus lines and DO NOT use spam liked words like “Free” or “Hot Deal” Spam filters are gauged to pick these types of words up and your customers most likely would not open your email.

 -Send to opt-in emails ONLY. Be respectful and only send to those that have subscribed to your list and want to receive your emails.

 -Be concise, remember you are not writing a novel. Customers are less likely to read your newsletter if you send out unnecessary information. You are going to lose the interest of your email list.

 - Do not write the entire email in capital letters. Customer might get the impression you are shouting. Besides it is distracting and difficult to read.

 -Proofread, proofread, proofread, I can’t count how  many times that I have received emails with misspelled words. These mistakes for small that they seemed show no respect to your readers and send the message that you do not care enough about them, and in turn they will not care to read the information you send them.

-If you are personalizing your emails make sure you are writing the right name. If you are not sure of the spelling, take the time to find out.

 Remember just follow these simple rules and I can assure you that your readers will appreciate receiving your email marketing campaigns.


The Subject Line

Even if a newsletter is never opened, a subject line can make a huge difference, so watch out with what subject line we pick.

First of all, I would like to let you know, that Emailbrain came out with a new feature called EB Testing. In which you are able to send 5%of your newsletter with  subject line, and then other 5%of the newsletter with the other subject line. After evaluating both choices, you can make a decision and send your newsletter with the subject line that had best results to the remaining 90% of your list.

You  should take into consideration how important your subject line is. It should never be misleading. This will only leave you with many complaints and many unhappy customers.  Your subject line should not exceed 30 characters, and it is proven that the shorter the subject line is, the better. Please keep in mind that in many cases the subject line is a decisive factor on whether your recipients reads your email or does not read it, so always make sure to have an appealing subject line that summarizes what your newsletter is going to be about.

In addition, make sure that your subject line is simple, but full of what the client needs to read ,in order to fully understand what your newsletter is going to be about.

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