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Have you planned your campaign for next month?

If you have not planned your email marketing campaign for next month should do it now. With our special recommendations you get your campaign done very quickly.

 We suggest 5 things that must take into account the success of your campaign:

1. Create a calendar

This point is crucial for success. Plan and mark on the calendar the days when you will send your emails. Put yourself in the shoes of your target audience and do not send on non-working dates, such as holidays.

2. Approach

Make your campaign easy to remember and leave a mark. Focus your campaign at the time of year they are in and stick to that line. Always try to stand out from other emails (newsletters).

3. Objective

Do not ever forget the goal you are looking in your email marketing campaigns. Are you, looking for new visitors to your site? Looking to sell a product or service? If you’re not sure what the main purpose is, do not waste your time sending emails without planning as it will be a failure.

4. Received

If the recipients click on links in their email, receive them with the right content on the site. Create a clear and concise call to action in your “landing page”. Approaches not only generate a click on their email, think together: email + landing page.

5. Frequency

Do not saturate them with emails every day. Remember that people are busy and don’t have enough time to open daily newsletters. Create a cycle that allows recipients to breathe.

Email marketing success relies in a good planning and strategy. Your campaign should at least meet certain requirements to provide the expected results.

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