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You should take your reader’s opinion more seriously than your own

In general, people will unsubscribe quietly and without logging any complaints, despite all of your hard work to keep them satisfied. When this happens you need to take the opportunity to solicit feedback from them and act on it.

You must understand that talking to a disgruntled reader who has opted out probably won't help you save that email recipient, but it may help you prevent future subscribers from leaving your list.

A subscriber that you do not pay attention to, is a subscriber that you will lose; which is why you need to take  all campaign feedback you get seriously, and also try to do surveys, while they still have that person’s attention. A little remedial communication is always a lot easier than getting someone back onto your list after they’ve left.


Are you aware of your target audience?

Now days, in Email Marketing, you must consider all your audience when you write your newsletters. It only makes sense that when planning campaigns you target the different needs of your existing and prospect clients. Don't create email campaigns only because you need to sell or because you need to sell more of a specific product. Push promotions that are customized to your customers and that can benefit both, you and your customer.

 Remember your readers will only open the email if it has information that pertains to them.  Keep in mind the demographics of people that visit your website or store. Ask yourself if your product is national or international? Although it is more likely that you sell locally, you still have to keep in mind customers that visit your web site from other regions. What kind of life style do they have?  It is important to know if your customers are into sports, physical fitness, etc. Are your customers male or female or a mixed of both?  These are just some of things you should consider when doing your search.

 Based on that information you will be able to determine who your target audience is. For example; "My target customer is a middle-class woman in her 30s or 40s who is married and has children, and is environmentally conscious and physically fit." Now you can determine how many people in that segment are potential customers and that are in your area, how many buy from the competition, and how many are not loyal to any provider in specific. 

Once you know who your best customers are, you will be able to target the group that you identified. It will also help you extend your target marked. Remember do the job and it will pay off.

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