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Always send information that in the interest of your customers; if you have multiple segments in your company, try to send each of your customers what they are interested in. We recommended that you segment your lists, this way it’s easier for you when you are about to send out your newsletters.
If important information is promised, grant them important information, otherwise they will begin to unsubscribe from your newsletters. If your customers see that the information is really valuable it is more likely that they will forward it to their friends and this off course is perfect for you, because your customers are promoting you and getting new subscribers to your newsletters.
Always send information that is in the interest of your customers; if you have multiple segments in your company, try to send each of your customers what they are interested in. We recommended that you segment your lists, this way it’s easier for you when you are about to send out your newsletters.

If important information is promised, grant them important information, otherwise they will begin to unsubscribe from your newsletters. If your customers see that the information is really valuable it is more likely that they will forward it to their friends and this off course is perfect for you, because your customers are promoting you and getting new subscribers to your newsletters.


Be constant when reaching your clients


It is very important to stay in front of your audience and retain their interest by giving them valuable content. Don’t keep trying to sell them something every time you send out an email. If you do, people will no longer want to receive your messages. In order to keep your list current, make sure you send messages to your subscribers at least once every 90 days. If you wait too long, your list will have many bounces due to people changing addresses or forgetting who you are and assuming your email newsletters are spam.

Business owners also need to make sure that the list they use is a real reflection of their target audience. Don’t transfer addresses between various unrelated lists or simply copy addresses off business cards, brochures and other media. This is bad behavior and will harm your deliverability in the long run; unless you get permission from every person that gives you their address before you place it on your database and make sure that every bulk email you send contains an unsubscribe link.


How often do you email your clients?

Are you emailing your subscribers’ inbox too much or not sending enough emails for their preferences?

You can let them pick the types of emails that they receive, and also you should let subscribers adjust the frequency at which you send to them. A major step in avoiding unsubscribes is in letting your email recipients tell you what frequency is right for them; which can vary from daily, to monthly, or anything in between everyone on your list will have a different frequency that's the best fit for them. You can send these emails to your inactive subscribers too, asking them to select their ideal sending frequency to re-engage and prevent an impending unsubscribe, but focus on offering customized email frequency options at the bottom of every email and also on the page to which your unsubscribe link navigates, as a final effort to keep your clients engaged in your communications.


Make sure your clients read your newsletter

Here are some recommendations for your clients if they read the newsletters you send in your email marketing campaigns: • Make a well written newsletter that has a good balance of graphics and text.   • Do not overestimate the time the target is spent in your email. Get to the point, not many explanations that are not necessary, if your newsletter is very long you probably do not read it.

• Do not use long articles - including a summary and best put a link that allows them to go to the website to read the whole article if interested. So given the choice to read what each of your interest and see a long-newsletter full of information that the only thing that occurs they do not want to read it

• Make sure the links are made ​​carefully and are correct.

• Do not use very colorful designs, attacked, many images and text only. Make it easy for the recipient instantly identify topics of interest.

• Select about 10 people on your list, and these 10 people divide in half, send to each list of "test" a newsletter different and compare the reaction with each list of "proof. " This can be done with our test feature A / B. so you can see what is going to draw more attention and which should read more. The list will be more open with what must send the remainder of his list.

• Consider what is the best time to send the newsletter to your customers. Click here to read an article in our blog so you know a little more on this point. (TEFI the link to this article in English is:


Email Etiquette not a thing of the past

Your newsletter is still an email and you should maintain your email etiquette. Keep in mind these few points for the next time you send information to your customers

 -Create a subject line that is not misleading and that is accurate with the content of the email. Do not use bogus lines and DO NOT use spam liked words like “Free” or “Hot Deal” Spam filters are gauged to pick these types of words up and your customers most likely would not open your email.

 -Send to opt-in emails ONLY. Be respectful and only send to those that have subscribed to your list and want to receive your emails.

 -Be concise, remember you are not writing a novel. Customers are less likely to read your newsletter if you send out unnecessary information. You are going to lose the interest of your email list.

 - Do not write the entire email in capital letters. Customer might get the impression you are shouting. Besides it is distracting and difficult to read.

 -Proofread, proofread, proofread, I can’t count how  many times that I have received emails with misspelled words. These mistakes for small that they seemed show no respect to your readers and send the message that you do not care enough about them, and in turn they will not care to read the information you send them.

-If you are personalizing your emails make sure you are writing the right name. If you are not sure of the spelling, take the time to find out.

 Remember just follow these simple rules and I can assure you that your readers will appreciate receiving your email marketing campaigns.


The Most Common Errors in a Mailing List

Most people want to send effective and successful email marketing campaigns, but unfortunately many people are doing everything and not take into account the great importance of mailing lists. Remember that the greatest asset you have in email marketing is the mailing list. Without a mailing list who would you send your newsletters to? For that reason you should put emphasis on your list and maintain the quality of the same.

Here are some of the most common errors business owners make with their mailing list, and you can use them to your benefit so that you do not fall in the same trap and start to treat your list with lots of love.

 The most common errors are:

1. Buying mailing lists It is understandable that when one is starting in the world of email marketing, do not have a mailing lists and the easiest solution it is to buy one. But this is a serious error because it can bring many negative consequences. You might be asking yourself what consequences, well, the people on those lists don't know you or your business. There is a high possibility that they will report you as a spammer and this will generate spam complaints about your company that will get your account blocked. There are active anti-spam groups that monitored the email marketing world. These groups can get a hold of your email due to complaints and prevent you from sending newsletters again. Finally, many of these mailing lists contain emails that are called "spam traps", which means is that these emails are used by some companies to see who sends spam emails or uses purchase list. These emails "spam traps" are emails that have never opt-in to receive marketing email messages. So if you send one of these "spam traps", it is more likely that the your email marketing company (in this case Emailbrain) will asked opt-in proof of your entire list and block your account until you can provide this information. Since these is a purchased list you will not be able to provide the opt-in proof and your account will be canceled. So the best thing to do is create your own list. It might take a little longer, but your reputation will be clean. In the world of email marketing, having a good reputation is everything. I recommend you put a subscription form on your website, your office etc..

2. Failure to provide maintenance to your list With the passage of time, the list becomes outdated. If you have the same list for a very long time and you wish to send them again, you should be aware that they probably already have forgotten about you. Therefore, they will consider you an spammer. So do not let time go by without sending to your list. Keep it up to date and if you want, send a thank you newsletter once every 6 months. That way if they do not want to continue receiving your newsletters, your readers can have the chance to unsubscribe. Another big mistake some people make is that they create the list and not use it until years later. Use your list, do not wait until you have X amounts of emails to use it. Remember, the more time passes, readers will forget you, or that these emails would no longer be valid.

 3. Do not Forget to unsubscribe your contacts

Although in their newsletters (footer) is the option to unsubscribe, some people just answer the email saying they unsubscribe. If you receive these emails, get them removed from all lists. Make sure the email is removed and also remember that we offer the option to block emails. This will prevent you to sent by mistake.

4. Not knowing where you obtained subscribers The last great mistake made is not knowing where your subscribers came from. It is important to always know how they subscribe to your list, if it was through your website, an event or even a sale etc. .. Whenever you organize the information in your database, put it where it was obtained. Thus, if in the future, this person makes a complaint about you, you will be able to show opt-in proof of when and how they signed up. Without this information, your email marketing company (Emailbrain) can block or cancel your account. Remember not having opt-in proof of your list goes against the anti-spam rules.


Tips for a good newsletter design

It does not really matter if you are a professional designer or not when designing your newsletter, what matters is that you understand that designing an effective email marketing campaign can be challenging. So we want to help you overcome  these challenges and help you create  your newsletter with the best techniques.

Did you create  two versions? Always remember to create two versions of your  newsletters, one in HTML and other text. Why? Because if you only send the HTML version, your subscribers that don't have the capability to receive HTML messages will not receive it or they will simply receive a newsletter with  nonsense characters.

Did you design  for the 5 largest suppliers of email? Keep in mind  that your  designs must not only look good with one email provider, it must look good on the most commonly used today. According to a study by MarketingSherpa 2010 Email Marketing Benchmark Report, 80% of users use the following 5 email providers:


Using our new Inbox Preview feature before you send will assure you that your clients will receive your newsletter correctly. Did you include a link to a web version? Although you have tested your newsletter with several email providers, there still the option that some of your subscribers  uses their smartphone to check their emails. This is why you must include a link to view the web version. This way, they will simply click on the link and they will see your newsletter without any problems. Did you use colors that are beneficial for you? No one can deny that the color of their newsletter has much effect on the design. Well-use colors can draw your readers attention to the most relevant information on the newsletter.  The colors should be a complement and every component of the newsletter should be tight together.  Experiment with the colors until you find the perfect combination, and at all costs avoid colors that do not attract attention.


MarketingSherpa's Email Awards 2011: Enter to win!



MarketingSherpa publishes useful news, case studies, and best practices data about internet and integrated marketing.. 

You can say that they are quite an expert in all type of marketing stuff  including Email marketing.

Winning an award from them is quite an honor and we believe that all the Emailbrain family should participate!!!

They have a range of categories to choose from, which are:

•    Best triggered email or autoresponder series •    Best integration with other channels •    Best email list growth campaign •    Best personalization/segmentation strategy •    Best email newsletter for marketing purposes •    Best innovation (this is wide open -- surprise us!)

 Simply click  here  and you will be taken to their entry form. In this form, you will find all the information you need in order to participate, and remember all this info is in your Emailbrain’s  account. 

What happens if you win

Your email campaign will be published in the MarketingSherpa Email Awards Winners’ Showcase as well as being featured in their newsletter, you’ll receive recognition at MarketingSherpa’s 2011 Email Summit in Las Vegas and you’ll receive a badge to display on your site. All in all, it’s great publicity, has the potential to generate a lot of  traffic to your website and it is guaranteed to impress the big shots! 

Entries must be received by Friday 3rd December 2010. 

One last thing please let us know if you do enter!


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