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View Reports to Track Your Campaign

Once you have created your newsletter and sent your message, view reports on open rates, click through rates, and share rates from your campaign.

Our reporting tools make it easy to decipher key performance indicators in your campaign, and then use these insights to improve on future sends. Get started by clicking ‘Reports’ and ‘View by Send’.

The reports dashboard shows you all the most important categories that help you gauge the success of your send. Here you can see how many of your mails were delivered, how many of them bounced, how many were opened, and how your subscribers clicked through them. You can even compare your results to your industry’s benchmarks for email marketing campaigns.

Emailbrain’s reporting tools even tell you:

  • Where in the world people open your mail
  • When they read and engage with your message
  • What operating system and browser they used

This information is perfect for further segmenting of your subscribers and building clearer demographic stats for your future marketing communications.

For step by step help on how to read your reports, check out this video from our Emailbrain help center.


Would you like to Schedule your Email Campaigns?

This is what to do: By using the Advanced Mail Tab at the top of your screen proceed to the Sending Menu and then on to the TriggerMail/ Autoresponders submenu (Under Advanced Sending Options). This menu houses all the different Autoresponders we have available, proceed to the second option: "Schedule Triggers" and click the add button on the right to begin the Scheduled Send Setup. Here you can do anything from scheduling emails to be sent, to setting up automated responses for specific enquiries from your website or social media platform.


Don't Send Messages After Office Hours

Weekends, nights and holidays are, most likely, terrible times to get a message across your audience. If your email gets caught up in the inbox clutter that many of us receive each morning when we check our emails, chances are your message will end up in the trashcan.

Know your target. Time your audience. Make sure that your west coast clients or potential customers get your messages during their business hours, same with your east coast clients.

Separate your lists and take advantage of the SCHEDULE option EmailBrain offers. Ohh... and one more tip. Send your list at different times during business hours. One week send it at 10:00 AM, and the next week send it at 2:00 PM. Then go back to your account and analyze the REPORTS & STATS of each campaign. Nothing like trial and error to maximize the open-rates of your message.

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