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Yahoo! Mail is in second place after Hotmail!

Recently Yahoo! has launched Yahoo! Mail Visualization Project, where you can see in real time how many emails are sent every minute, and many interesting facts about your network. They also make a special emphasis on the treatment and detection of spam with a new technology called Apache Hadoop.

Some data that draw our attention to Yahoo:

• There are over 302 million users worldwide (second place after Hotmail that has 333 million according to Comscore, August 2011) • 84 million users in North America, 76 million in Asia, 36 in Europe, 13 million in Latin America, 11 million in Africa and 2.4 million in Australia • Yahoo! Mail has been rated the best email provider that filters malware and spam • The new Yahoo! Mail includes integration with social networks from the Q2 - 2011 • In the U.S., Yahoo! Mail is over Gmail, which ranks second in the ranking • An average of 5.6 billion emails circulating on the Yahoo! network per day, 65,000 per second • 20.5 billion spam emails are blocked everyday • To read the amount of emails you process every day, it would take 4439 years • Hadoop user learns and creates new ways to protect against spam for all users • 270 terabytes are used every day • 70 million new users each year • 275,000 accounts created every day


Which features are often disregarded when choosing an Email Service Provider?

It is very important to choose the right Email Service Provider, and it takes a lot of experience to pick the right one.

Some of the important factors that people do not pay attention to (but should) are:

-Make sure their service is really good, no bugs, and the delivery is great.

-Make sure their customer service is excellent

-Make sure the system is user friendly if you are not a programmer or an expert

And last but not least, make sure that the ROI is worth the price you are paying for.

If you closely look at all those features, you will most likelychoose Emailbrain.

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