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Send a survey to your subscribers

When you're planning your email marketing campaigns, always put yourself in the shoes of your readers. So the best thing to do is send your subscribers a survey and so you can learn more about their tastes, what they expect from your newsletters and your company.

I recommend you send 3 surveys a year so you can compare if their tastes have changed, if new subscribers are more demanding or not. But be careful not to fill them with questions, make simple and easy questions to answer and if they are in better multiple-choice. Today, everyone lives in the rush, so if they see something very long, they are not going to respond.

To send a survey from our system simply follow these steps:

To create a survey form using your subscription format, you must first create a database.

To do this, go to “Database Set Up", "Create Dataset", grant the database a name and click save. In the following 25 fields simply type the questions you want in your survey.

Save the changes and when finished click "Subscription Form " then "Set Up Form. "

In the field section select "Enable form fields” Then check each field you want to be seen in the survey when finished, click on "save."

To insert the survey in your HTML web page click on "Insert Form" just copy and paste the code into your page.

If you want to send it as a newsletter, create a new one or use an existing one. In the editor click on the icon to insert form and save your changes when finished.

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