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How to reach new future clients

In the email marketing  world, there are tips that you must follow:

 1. Do not purchase lists under any circumstances, it will lower your delivery rate for subscribers that are real.

 2. Make the subscription form an easy process, the first thing you need to do, is put the subscription form on your website. Another good idea is to write a blog, and make sure to put the link that goes to your subscription form on your website.

3. If it takes time to do it right, then take your time. It is important that you take the time it requires, but make sure you add people who really wish to be on your list.

4. Target your clients; it would be ideal if you can create different pages, so your clients can visit them according to their needs rather than just sending them to a general website.

5. Make sure the unsubscribe link is visible, and it is working. If you do not provide your clients with a opt out form, and they want to unsubscribe, they will be furious.

6. Avoid addresses that are general addresses such as: sales@, info@, support@, webmaster@ or postmaster@.

7. Keep updating your lists and try to send in a frequent manner, that way your list will always be clean.

8. Make sure that you have a link in which, your clients can forward the newsletter to your clients.

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