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A strong subscriber base of engaged readers is key to email marketing success. Start building your empire today by adding contacts to your address book. Emailbrain’s contact management system is flexible and can retrieve your address data from several sources.
Here’s a quick explanation of the various ways you can upload contacts to your EB account address book:


Lists & Contacts > Manage your contacts


Click the “+” symbol the left-hand list column, and give your new list a name. Then click the “+” symbol again in the right-hand addressee column to manually add profile information to your dataset.





Lists & Contacts > Import your contacts

  • Add by copy and paste or typing
  • Import from file using xls or csv
  • Import from online email accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc.





Lists & Contacts > List Clean Up

Tip: use our List Clean Up tool to remove faulty and duplicate email addresses from your lists. And follow other list building best practices to amass a healthy subscriber base, such as opt in subscription forms and using report metrics to deliver the right content to your subscribers at the right time. For step by step tips on how to upload and edit contacts check out our help center files and videos in your Emailbrain account.



Import your Contacts to your Emailbrain account more easily

At EmailBrain, we want to make your experience with  Email Marketing  as easy as possible. And that is why we have added a new feature that allows you to add your Excel contacts simply by dragging and dropping and likewise the loading rate and import time is much faster.

Please log-in your account & go to Contacts> import and you will see this new import feature.



Import your contacts directly from their online email accounts

We now offer the feature to import your contacts from your online email account such as Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Lycos and many more.


    To import these contacts remain in your account (advanced modee) and do the following: 1. Mailing lists 2. Add / import 3. Then select "Import from an email account" 4. Select the mailing list where you want to add the emails. 5. Enter your email and password 6. Click to import

The emails should already be in the preview completely imported and you should get a notice confirming the import. That is how easy it is! But aren’t the emails that I am importing opt-in?

As you know, in email marketing, all your contacts should be opt-in, so make sure that the emails you are importing, the owners have authorized  you to send them information.  Even if they are your close friends, relatives or colleagues always make sure that if you want to receive your newsletters they give you permission.

I recommend that you send a small email from your personal email, notifying them that you would like to send them your newsletter, and that if they agree please respond with a simple yes. How easy it is!

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