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Recommendation for free Keyword tools (CMigrator copy 1)

So what can you do to get the right keywords to promote your site with search engines?

There are two free keyword tools that we can recommend to you.

1 – Since Google launched their Keyword Tool it has helped many websites positioned themselves at the top, by using different strategies. If you just want to do a general keyword search, for instance to get the right set of keywords for your content writing, use the seasoned Google Keyword Tool - to see a full list of keyword ideas customized to your website (typically excluding those already in your account), you would still have to sign in to your Google Adwords Account.

2 - WordStream have their free keyword tool. It is very similar to Google, you can just search for a keyword such as "email marketing" and wait for the return of related keywords that are relevant to your desired search query. You can export the selected keywords or have them emailed to you. Vertical Leap recommends using this keyword tool alongside the Google keyword tool to ensure you have all long tail keyword areas and permutations covered within your SEO and PPC campaigns to maximize ROI.

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