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The essential elements of a landing page

In online marketing  the main strategy is that people receive your newsletter or visit your website in order to start being a  part of your business, by subscribing to the mailing list and start  receiving the newsletters, and at the end become  customer. Landing pages were specifically created to get and attract these potential customers.

Here are some tips on how to design an effective landing page:

1. Be brief First of all create a clear design, do not create  a very confusing one and  remember to be brief and keep it simple. This is recommended because thisway you will attract potential customers. Do not include side bars, navigation menus, graphics or unnecessary images.

2. Create a goal You only need to have one goal when planning your landing page. If you need more than one goal, you should create a landing page for each of these goals. You should be very clear with the users, and they should know immediately what action to take, so in order not to confuse them, do not give them many options. Give them everything in the palms of their hands and this way you will be able to achieve your goal

3. Stick with your promise If you place an ad, follow the promise of that ad on your landing page. Never change the promise of the ad on your landing page. If you change the promise is not in compliance with the stated goal.

4. Analyze Make various styles and test them in different landing pages. The one with the most results is the one that is the most attractive, so stick to that style.

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