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Landing Pages and Email Marketing

A landing page is a website where users land after they have clicked on a link in a newsletter, a promotion, communication, or a banner on a web page. Often these landing pages are an extension of email marketing campaigns and are designed specifically to generate interest and persuade the user to make a decision or perform an action.

Email Marketing is one of the best ways to get your message out there, but complementing it with other tactics like social networks and landing pages can generate a greater public attraction. For this reason, landing pages and social networks are part of email marketing, because doing a mixture of the three you can have a successful campaign.

There are three steps you need to know about the cycle of consumer purchases. Once you know these three steps can make a perfect blend of email marketing and landing pages.

1. Acquisition: Attracting visitors to your site.

2. Conversion: Let your visitors become active customers.

3. Retention: Ensure that your customers return.

Email Marketing is an effective channel to deliver our messages to a target audience; this is where you put into operation the first step. After having your email marketing newsletter design you must have an effective strategy for your visitors or contacts to become your customers, this would ensure the conversion. In the retention phase, keep them abreast of promotions or new products/services. Try to know what every customer likes and send them those offers in specific, so they will want to return.

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