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Make sure your clients read your newsletter

Here are some recommendations for your clients if they read the newsletters you send in your email marketing campaigns: • Make a well written newsletter that has a good balance of graphics and text.   • Do not overestimate the time the target is spent in your email. Get to the point, not many explanations that are not necessary, if your newsletter is very long you probably do not read it.

• Do not use long articles - including a summary and best put a link that allows them to go to the website to read the whole article if interested. So given the choice to read what each of your interest and see a long-newsletter full of information that the only thing that occurs they do not want to read it

• Make sure the links are made ​​carefully and are correct.

• Do not use very colorful designs, attacked, many images and text only. Make it easy for the recipient instantly identify topics of interest.

• Select about 10 people on your list, and these 10 people divide in half, send to each list of "test" a newsletter different and compare the reaction with each list of "proof. " This can be done with our test feature A / B. so you can see what is going to draw more attention and which should read more. The list will be more open with what must send the remainder of his list.

• Consider what is the best time to send the newsletter to your customers. Click here to read an article in our blog so you know a little more on this point. (TEFI the link to this article in English is:


Take your email blast to the next level

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Would you like to receive a long boring newsletter with no images or colors that draw your attention? Most likely not, you will hit the delete button without hesitation.  Not taking the time to create effective newsletters, can affect your brand and lose the opportunity to grow your customer base.

 Here is the recipe for success in email marketing:

What makes a great dish like in any other recipe is the quality of the ingredients that were used to prepare it. These are the ingredients you must keep in mind when creating your newsletter: Character, Personal, Interest,  Urgency, Clarity, and Consistency.

Character: or what we call personality is what sets you or your company apart from all the many other newsletters your customer receives. How do you add value? There are many ways to do this. You can create a contest, tell a story about your business, or even include information your customers have shared with you.

 Personal: there is nothing more misleading than receiving information from people or companies unknown to us. That is why it is important to customize your newsletter with your customer's name. When you add their name, subscribers will be more responsive to your emails because it establishes a connection between you and your customer.

Interest: Stop and think what makes you want to read an article? Those reasons are similar to the ones of your readers. You have to incite readers to open your email. The best way to do this is by creating an inviting subject line. I will suggest to  write subject lines like this "Helpful tips to consider when creating your newsletter".

Urgency: You need to give your readers a reason to take action. You can do this by having special promotions, a contest, or give an extra bonus to first few responders.

Clarity: There is nothing more upsetting for a reader than not understanding the information they have on hand. Be clear on your instructions whether you want your customer to call to receive a quote or email you for support.

 Consistency: the most important of these rules. You have to make sure your subject line is consistent with the body of the email. Remember your readers are opening the newsletter because of  information on the subject line.


Recycle Bin

Many of you have probably already realized that there is a recycle bin in your Emailbrain account. When we used to inadvertently remove files such as newsletters or mailing lists by mistake, we had to start from scratch again, and previously we could not recover these deleted files.

So when we launched the new version of Emailbrain few months ago, we thought that this was not fair to you, and we decided to create a recycle bin. Everything you delete as your images, newsletters, databases and mailing lists will be stored in the Recycle Bin.

 Note that your deleted information does not remain there forever, every Sunday the content gets removed. So if I delete something by mistake do not hesitate to go to the recycle bin before Sunday.


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