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How often and how early should I email my clients?

Too frequent is too much and too late is too late. Don’t harass your subscribers with emails, do not follow them every hour with an email asking them to buy your products.

Often, toning down frequency if you are a regular mailer improves response rates. Don’t send newsletters in an untimely manner like super late or super early - like 10pm at night or 3am the morning, this could cause them to not take your emails into consideration in the appropriate times. Consequently, they might simply forget about your offer.


How often do you email your clients?

Are you emailing your subscribers’ inbox too much or not sending enough emails for their preferences?

You can let them pick the types of emails that they receive, and also you should let subscribers adjust the frequency at which you send to them. A major step in avoiding unsubscribes is in letting your email recipients tell you what frequency is right for them; which can vary from daily, to monthly, or anything in between everyone on your list will have a different frequency that's the best fit for them. You can send these emails to your inactive subscribers too, asking them to select their ideal sending frequency to re-engage and prevent an impending unsubscribe, but focus on offering customized email frequency options at the bottom of every email and also on the page to which your unsubscribe link navigates, as a final effort to keep your clients engaged in your communications.

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