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Real Estate Internet Marketing is a Necessity

The Internet has created a desire for immediate results, especially among consumers. They demand information that is relevant to their needs and they want it delivered in a timely manner. Consumers are pressed for time and making a decision about their home purchase is a matter that they weigh carefully—let’s face it, it’s a major purchase and decision. It makes sense to leverage this need for your business.

Making contact and broadening your network takes careful thought and time and the following statistics should be an indication to all realtors how powerful Internet marketing can be for your business. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), over 60 percent of homebuyers with Internet access use the Internet to shop for real estate. Over 40 percent of all homebuyers use the Internet as a research tool for homes in their price range and desired location with over 77 percent of these Internet home shoppers buying through a realtor. These statistics are a pretty good indicator that an Internet presence is necessary and email marketing is an affordable solution.

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