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Recommendations on Email Marketing

Recommendations on Email Marketing

EmailBrain helps you promote your business and /or services, as well as allowing you to reach out to your audience through email marketing and social networking. So, in order for you to reach out to your subscribers and so we can work together, we recommend a few points that you should take into account:

1. Get to know your subscribers and know what they expect from you.
2 . Be one step ahead of the competition.
3 . Keep your lists clean.
4. Write newsletters easy to understand without much unnecessary information.


A Brief List of Recommendations for Email Marketing

Email Marketing is all about making your readers have confidence in you and know who you are. We say they need to know who you are because many readers who see emails that are not from a known sender, delete them or mark them as spam. So make sure you send your contacts a way to opt-in and do not buy databases.

When creating a newsletter, remember to use a good subject line because it is the first thing readers see. We encourage you to make it clear and attractive, so you can make sure that they open it.

Also, we recommend you to not clutter the inbox of your readers with many newsletters, it may cause them annoyance and soon enough they will unsubscribe or mark your email as spam. Also, avoid sending more than one email, or maximum two emails with a week.


Recommendations to begin creating your email marketing campaigns

Before starting to create your campaign, we want to give some recommendations that will come in handy to those who are new to the world of email marketing. If you are no longer new to the topic, you can see the recommendations and take them into account, and follow them.

Get permission opt-in- Before you begin creating your newsletters and emails make sure that they are all opt-in. Remember that you will always need to have permission from your clients to send their information.  It’s important because we do not want and are sure that you do not want your readers to mark your emails as spam and delete them without even seeing them.For more information on opt-in please click here

Plan your campaign -What do you want from your email marketing campaigns? Want to increase sales? How do you make your designs? Will you send information about products/services or promotions only? Keep in mind what your objective in the campaigns is, what your target audience is and how you want to reach to them.

Design -Plan something without  much color or text, there should always be a balance between them. Make it look very professional and catchy. Make sure you are following anti-spam rules to avoid being classified as spam by spam filters. Remember, we offer several pre-designed templates you can modify to fit your needs. Click here for more information on anti-spam rules.

Links -make sure you add links in your newsletter that take your clients to your website or other places of interest. Remember that in the stats menu, you can see who clicked on the link and there you can learn more about their customers. Before sending, check, and make sure that all links are hyperlinked to the right place. Click here for more information.

Subject line-It is the most important thing in your newsletter, so be careful on what you type in the subject line, and write something that catches their eye and makes your reader want to read the bulletin. For more information on subject lines click here

Try a / b testing- Analyze what works best, you can send two different newsletters or two different subject lines. You simply select a percentage of your list and the system will send half to one part and the other part of your list, and it will tell you which was more successful. For more information on a / b testing, click here Delivery-  Once you have proof that your email was delivered, you are advised to make several tests, send to multiple email providers before sending, and see that everything comes correctly, you can now send to your mailing list.

Report & Statistics- Once you have pressed send, you can see who opened your newsletter, who forwarded it, who clicked on your links, which were spam emails which do not exist and more. Note that you must wait 24 hours after sending your email marketing campaign to see accurate statistics. To find out how this section and that must wait 24 hours click here

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