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Two quick advices before sending your newsletters

Advice #1. Have another person check your Spelling, Grammar and Broken links

I am sure that by the time you are ready to send a test we've written, you must sure have read many times , and tend to automatically fill in the blanks and leave words out. So it’s no surprise when we send a test to a colleague, so that they can proof read it, they will pick up a couple of spelling errors or incorrect use of grammar or sometimes a broken link.  For this reason it’s very important to send a test to someone else before sending to your mailing list.

Advice #2. Inbox Preview

Take advantage of our feature Inbox Preview, this is the easiest way to check what your newsletter will look like across multiple email clients.  It’s also the easiest thing to forget to do before a send.  Sometimes in a rush to send your newsletter you might skip this step to save time but believe me it can save you some embarrassment later on.

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