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Beat spam filters by using our SPAM ASSASIN feature

According to 2007 data, 69% of consumers decided to click the report Spam or Junk button based on what is in the subject line. (Source: Email Sender and Provider Coalition)

In Email Marketing, when unsolicited commercial email, also known as spam, was as its peak, ISPs began to score the content of the email message to combat the spammers. They did it by using tools such as Spam Assassin to classify the message.

The way these programs worked is by identifying spam trigger words or symbols such as Free, %,!, Winner, etc.  Once the message is categorize as spam, the email is either sent to the junk mail or block by the server.

An electronic message is “spam” IF the recipient's personal identity are irrelevant and the recipient has not verifiable granted deliberate.
 Emailbrain's Spam Assasin feature works  similarly  to the one of the ISPs. These tool screens your newsletter for trigger words and gives you a score based on the content. Also know as content based scoring.

A few short words about the behavior of the "score" command.

                 1. rules with a score set to 0 are not evaluated at all.

                 2. rules with no score statement will be scored at 1.0, unless 3 or 4 is true

                3. Scores below 5.0 are usually not classified as spam.

 There are many SPAMMERS that saturate people's inboxes with useless information, but as the responsible marketer that you are, you need to differentiate yourself and show respect to your readers and future customers. Make  it imperative that you check your email for spam rate before sending. You will save your readers time and save yourself some  money.



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