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If (like most marketers these days) you are promoting your business via online channels, chances are that your website will be a hotspot for catching new sign-ups.

This means that your  email newsletter opt-in should be compelling, obvious and everywhere. Make sure the form is prominently placed on all your web pages and make it stand out visually.

Also place sign-up promotions on relevant content such as within articles and blogs, and at the end of slide shows.

This area is where email marketing services need to help their clients. Emailbrain makes it easy to manage the online sign up process with our lists and contacts tools. You can even import all your subscribers from other emailing programs and cloud-based CRMs such as salesforce, or sync up your address book with Outlook. Our features make it really simple to gather all your contacts neatly into one archive.

You'll also do well if you sell your newsletter to potential subscribers by adding a line or two about the benefits of signing up, such as mentioning special deals or exclusive content, or adding some testimonials by a few clients who’ve found it useful.

Once your website’s sign up forms have all been set up and tested, focus on driving traffic to your sign-up forms through all possible channels; such as your social media pages and PPC campaigns.

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