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What Does My Newsletter Look Like in Different Inboxes?

You can use Emailbrain’s Inbox Preview tool before sending your message to see how your newsletter will look in popular email providers, such as Outlook, Gmail, AOL, and more.

Just click ‘Inbox Preview’ under ‘Advanced Sending Options’:

Advice: Ensuring your messages are readable by any and all of your subscribers helps to improve your click through rate.

For more detailed overview, check out our video tutorials in the help center.


Yahoo! Mail is in second place after Hotmail!

Recently Yahoo! has launched Yahoo! Mail Visualization Project, where you can see in real time how many emails are sent every minute, and many interesting facts about your network. They also make a special emphasis on the treatment and detection of spam with a new technology called Apache Hadoop.

Some data that draw our attention to Yahoo:

• There are over 302 million users worldwide (second place after Hotmail that has 333 million according to Comscore, August 2011) • 84 million users in North America, 76 million in Asia, 36 in Europe, 13 million in Latin America, 11 million in Africa and 2.4 million in Australia • Yahoo! Mail has been rated the best email provider that filters malware and spam • The new Yahoo! Mail includes integration with social networks from the Q2 - 2011 • In the U.S., Yahoo! Mail is over Gmail, which ranks second in the ranking • An average of 5.6 billion emails circulating on the Yahoo! network per day, 65,000 per second • 20.5 billion spam emails are blocked everyday • To read the amount of emails you process every day, it would take 4439 years • Hadoop user learns and creates new ways to protect against spam for all users • 270 terabytes are used every day • 70 million new users each year • 275,000 accounts created every day


Social share: Integrate your social and email marketing

I’m sure you’re up to speed on the dramatic way in which our online communications and marketing are evolving, it should be pretty clear that as online “word of mouth” social media is a must-have marketing, branding and networking tool. 

Being an email marketer, you’re probably aware that email has long been the top performing direct and online marketing channel – now I don’t know about you, but something tells me that combining these two channels (email and social media) should have quite a powerful effect…

Which is why, as promised, we’ve release a brand new way of complementing your email campaigns with your social media presence:

Social share

 This tool enables you to publish your email newsletter straight to your Twitter account (Please note that this tool was disabled, but it is available in your Emailbrain Account again).  The newsletter title with a link to your full newsletter will then automatically appear as a tweet – without you having to log into your account to manually tweet about your newsletter.  Our developers have even adding an additional gadget: GMtiny, our very own URL abbreviator.  As Twitter limits you to 140 characters per tweet, GMtiny will automatically shorten the link to your newsletter, cutting down that lengthy, unsightly URL to only a few characters.  Handy, isn’t it?

And this is only the beginning – we have extended this feature to enable you to publish across more social networks, like only on Facebook and Twitter, but also on Google, My Space, Yahoo and LinkedIn!.  Make sure to try them all, they will really help you in your email marketing campaign.

Enhance your brand presence online, increase your audience and subscribers and boost your sales by engaging more fully with potential clients – all with our new social share tool.


Yahoo / Spam

Today, I want to talk about how Yahoo handles spam, and how does this affect the sender when sending an email marketing campaign.

Yahoo is one of the largest email providers in the world, with over 300 million users globally. So this company must take strict measures for its service to remain being the best and not creating problems for their users, they usually generate several situations that affect the reputation of the senders. Please keep this in mind the following points when you are going to send your newsletter, so that your emails are not blocked and you do not get fame of being a spammer. • Unexpected increases in the volume of emails from specific IP address. This can be considered a spam attack. • A high number of emails sent directly to the trash without being opened. • The campaigns should always be sent with the same email address. • A high percentage of users clicking the spam button to an email received. • Use a customized subject line, for example, put the name of the client. This can be considered as spam because most spammers use it as art.

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