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What are these two (2) options?

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* Only valid for Paying Accounts

This offer is not automatically applied at checkout; you must contact our sales department by emailing us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or calling us at 302-351-4418. If you do not contact us you will not get the Non-Expiring Extra Credits or the free template (depending on the optioned selected). All logos, images and texts to be used in the templates must be provided by each customer in order to comply with copyright laws. Estimated time to create the templates is 2-5 business days.

This offer cannot be combined with any other promotion and may be subject to change without notice. Only one option can be selected per account.

Click here to see our Terms and Conditions regarding payment, returns, cancellation and expiration of credits.

Offer valid only on purchases between Monday, August 17th, 2015 and Friday, August 28th, 2015.



Back to School Sale - Trial Accounts

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*Only valid for Trial Accounts

This offer is not automatically applied at checkout; you must contact our sales department by emailing us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or calling us at 302-351-4418. If you do not contact us you will not get the Non-Expiring Extra Credits. You may not cancel within three months of subscribing.

This offer cannot be combined with any other promotion and may be subject to change without notice.

Click here to see our Terms and Conditions regarding payment, returns, cancellation and expiration of credits.

Offer valid only on accounts converted to paying accounts between Monday, August 17th, 2015 and Friday, August 28th, 2015.



Introducing A New Way to Protect your Deliverability

Everyone hates spam and every email marketer hates not getting to the inbox.

That’s why we have an exciting new development to help both readers and email marketers – completely automatically.

A New Way to Protect your Email Delivery!

Emailbrain strives to uphold an excellent sender reputation that gets your email to the inbox and away from the spam folder.

To this end, we have implemented an automatic function that will monitor mailing lists for faulty and unresponsive email addresses.

Here’s how it works

1. A user uploads a mailing list.
2. Auto-Sieve automatically scans the list for unresponsive addresses.
3. If there are too many bad addresses, the list will be blocked from being uploaded.

Faulty lists hurt your email deliverability and sender reputation – which is why we suspend repeat offenders from our services.

Conversely, non-faulty, ‘clean’ lists have many benefits such as improved deliverability, better engagement and better click-through rates… which is what you want to improve your ROI and get the most out of your email marketing budget!

How do I avoid being blocked?

Ensure your lists are clean and remove any unresponsive addresses and only use opt-in subscription methods.

We can help you via our list clean up service, which is located under the 'Lists & Contacts' section and provides you with an efficient, working mailing list in no time.


Email Marketing terms can look similar, but pay close attention!

Email Delivery is one of the most important topics in Email marketing, and it is calculated by taking the total number of emails that you have sent and then deducting the ones that bounced or were rejected. In other words, this is the number of emails that actually appeared in your subscribers’ inboxes compared to the number that you’ve sent.
Email Deliverability refers to the ability of any given email to be delivered properly. It’s about ensuring bulk messages are delivered to the inbox and aren’t blocked or rerouted by spam filters. Neglecting email deliverability is a surefire way to worsen the any campaign issues you might already be having, because these messages could equally end up in the inbox, in someone’s junk folder, or be blocked by spam filters. People often mistake the terms such as email deliverability and email delivery, using them interchangeably, when in fact they are two are extremely different. This tends to cause some confusion when people analyze emailing reports, which means some users may not even be figuring their success rates correctly.


Why use Email Marketing?

Email marketing uses the Internet to communicate information about promotions, company offerings, product updates and more. It is a valuable dialogue between a prospective or current customer and a company. Email marketing is most effective when the recipients are targeted and the information is relevant and timely.
Email marketing is more cost effective, and achieves results faster than traditional direct mail marketing. Most importantly, email marketing is twice as effective as traditional direct mail in getting a response from the targeted audience. This may be because of its immediate call-to-action, through "buy now" or "sign up now" links that can be directly embedded in the message. It is ideal for anyone looking to increase revenue, boost sales, generate leads, build brand awareness or shorten sale cycles.

Always Test your Newsletters before sending

Always Test your Newsletters before sending

Since it is better to be safe than to be sorry, I recommend you to test as much as you can before sending out your newsletter or email marketing campaigns. Why do I tell you this? Because it is the only way you can make sure that your clients will receive a perfect newsletter from you.

Always test your links, make sure that the images were uploaded correctly, and make sure that everything functions perfectly.
I also strongly suggest that you create a list with five contacts, it can be people from your office , and ask them to look at the newsletter and check if everything is functioning perfect.
Lastly, I also recommend that you send your newsletter to a first group (around 20% of your list) and test how effective the newsletter is. If you want to do a survey on what they liked from the newsletter and what they did not like, feel free to do so. That way you can act for the remainder of your clients based upon the first 20% feedback.

Measure Results

In Email Marketing, it is extremely important to measure the results of your campaigns in order to know if what you are doing is correct or if you should change your strategy. You should ask yourself when you are reviewing reports and statistics the following:
• What kind of newsletters are my clients opening more? Informational / promotional
• At what time do they get opened more?
• What geographic location is more responsive to my content?
• Are they clicking more on a specific topic?
• How many emails were opened?
• Were there any forwards?


Important Tips to Create a Better Newsletter

1. Design for the preview pane-The human eye normally scans an email from the left top corner to the right top corner and then down.

So, it’s a good idea to have a graphic  banner for visual impact, but it should not be  too large. That is why you  should try to get the main idea of your message as close to the upper left corner of your email, so it can be visible in the preview pane, without the reader needing to scroll down.

2. The background color- If you wish to use an image in the background of your design, just keep in mind that some email providers are not compatible with having a background, that is why we recommend not to use background images, that way your newsletter can look exactly how you want the client to see it.

3. A link could save the day- It is a wonderful idea to provide a link based on your website, because even though you may put great efforts in your newsletter, there could be visualization problems.

This will allow your clients to see the newsletter on the browser if they cannot see it in their inbox.



Say no to SPAM

Try to avoid advertising your address on any websites and forums where you do not have complete control of your own privacy. If for some reason you would need to include an email address, try to obscure it for spam bots.

Make sure you unsubscribe: A good email marketing company will ensure that their users include unsubscribe options in all email headers and /or footers. With that said, many people believe that clicking an unsubscribe link actually confirms to a spammer that the user exists/actively reads their mail.

It is a must that you read the fine print and privacy policy when signing up for anything. Often there is a text box that you need to select to opt out of receiving email marketing material from the company in question.

Create separate addresses for core communications and disposable ones for general use: It would be a good idea to have one email account for your banking, mortgage, e-statements and so on – all of your essential life necessities.

Mark unwanted mail as spam: Email services such as Hotmail and Gmail will create a filter to automatically spot all future mail from that source as junk and it will submit a complaint against the network that sent the mail to reputation monitoring services

Do not submit your email address to websites or companies that you are unfamiliar with and / or have no reason to trust. You wouldn’t think of giving your mobile number to strangers, after all – the same justification applies to your email address.

A disposable address is an inbox that you will typically use when a store asks you to fill out your details for purposes such as future specials, club membership or anything that’s not important to you or that you want to specifically keep separate.



How to do great Email Marketing

Make sure you build a legitimate list of contacts, permission provides a foundation for delivering value, because the people on your address list are interested in the emails you send, so what you really want is the biggest possible list of individuals who have asked to hear about what you offer, and not just a lot of random email addresses. Also, choose a great ESP such as Emailbrain for your needs: An ESP (Email Service Provider) hosts email marketing software online, which is specifically optimized to do the heavy-lifting for bulk newsletter sending. Before you start emailing, it’s vital that you choose the best choose the best ESP for your business.

Do not forget that it is also important to target your data and that sending irrelevant or generic emails can be risky, as these may provoke recipients to ignore your messages or mark them as spam. Since subscribers have individual likes, as your list grows it becomes important to identify groups that share similar interests and use segmentation (the practice of clustering addresses) to improve your results, by sending appealing content targeted to their specific wants.

Also, it is important to design your newsletters With Mobile in Mind, with email inboxes more crowded than ever, at least half of the battle is in finding ways to stand out from the masses with the quality of your design. Make sure to add a clear unsubscribe link, spam complaints can have a disastrous effect on your sender reputation. Unfortunately, even when people have explicitly signed up for an email they may still use the “report spam” button. Some readers even use the report spam button instead of going through the proper unsubscribe process, since both tactics have the same outcome for them.

Always write an appealing subject line and increase your open rate. By writing a subject line is a very important element of your communications strategy that you shouldn’t leave until deadlines are looming. These first few characters are the doorstep to your emailing success; since it’s all you have to entice readers to open your message. Since a subject line should distill the essence of an email, consider writing it first, as this will help keep your content from straying off topic.


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