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Stephanie Lazardi

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Day is all about togetherness, love, and expressing our sincerest gratitude to people who love us, care for us, and who have helped us.

Due to Thanksgiving Holiday, Emailbrain will be opened from 6:30 am EST to 6:00 pm EST on Thursday, November 26th and Friday, November 27th, 2015.

We will resume normal office hours on Monday, November 30th, 2015.

We are very thankful that you are our client.

We wish you a very Happy and Safe Thanksgiving Day.


Thanksgiving Promotion! - Trial Accounts

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This offer cannot be combined with any other promotion and may be subject to change. Only one option can be selected at the time of purchase. You must contact our sales department to receive the additional free items on this offer otherwise the additional service/item will not be placed on your account. Reply to this email or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to reach our sales team. Estimated turnaround time to have your customized template is 2-5 business days. Non-Expiring Extra Credits do not expire and can be used at any time as long as the account is active. After you take advantage of this promotion you cannot cancel or downgrade your account for the next three (3) months. This promotion begins on Wednesday, November 18th, 2015 and expires on Wednesday, November 25th, 2015.

Click here to see our Terms and Conditions regarding payment, returns, templates, and expiration of credits.


Emailbrain's Newsletter: October

Our template designer has been working hard in creating new Halloween templates for your account. By doing this, we want to give you more options, so you can have a wider variety to choose from. Check them out…

Although you may not believe it, the size of the images is really important when creating your email newsletter. It is important because they can get your newsletters distorted. The maximum size should be used for width is 600 pixels and a weight of 200kb. It is recommended to import the image and host the image on Emailbrain as well. You can use programs like Photoshop, Photopaint or you can find some free on the web that can help you do this.
Do not change the size or weight in the HTML, because the weight of the file does not change.

All companies, even if they are small companies or large corporations, must listen to what they clients want and have to say. It is recommended to find out what is important for them, what influences their decisions, and how you could help them at the time of making a decision, when they are ready to make a purchase.

Plan Ahead on Your Email Marketing Campaign

1) Begin your communications with an email marketing plan

Keep your plans simple and make sure they’re realistic and reachable. Don’t waste time on things that won’t help you. After all, it’s a lot more rewarding when you know your goals are within your grasp.

2) Resolve to communications with measurement

With the statistical tracking features provided by most email service providers (ESPs) there’s no reason to practice guess-marketing. But if that’s what you’ve been doing, then there’s no better time than the present to become a monster of metrics.

Comparing your current figures against old figures numbers, if you have them, will give you a better idea of how you are growing, what to expect, and let you anticipate high and low business periods before they happen; which also makes it easier to budget.

3) More Friendly Emails

Mobile and bulk SMS marketing have gone from  buzz to biz. With the growing popularity of smartphones and the increasing dependence on mobile devices, marketers have added mobile to their communications mix and take their marketing strategies to the next level. Now, consumers are where their mobile is.

Give serious consideration to making your digital communications mobile friendly. Ensuring that you have mobile sign up forms and that both your emails and website landing pages render properly on popular mobile devices are top priorities.




Emailbrain's Newsletter: September

Why does one newsletter have higher open rates than another? Was it the subject line, the content or the time of the send? All you can do is guess. Unless of course, you use our A/B split testing feature!

A/B split testing lets you experiment with different subject lines or content, so you know what will get more opens and drive more clicks. The results will tell you the "winner" which takes the gamble out of your Email Marketing campaign.

Since you took the first step of creating an Email Marketing account and you're ready to start in this new world, you might be thinking, what style should I use with my newsletters? How do I design the newsletter? How will it look?

It is logical that the content on your newsletters is important, as it must convey your message to your customers, but the way it looks and feels is even more important.          

Why? Since you are showing your brand and your company’s image, you must remember that the first impression is visual, so if your readers get good first impression, I can assure you that they will read it.

For this reason, you will always find a number of free templates on your account, which you can modify and make them your own, with your style and brand. In these pre-designed templates you simply change the text, images and logo and you are ready to go. Using the pre-designed templates will help you create an organized newsletter with good content that will attract attention.

Also remember that our design department can create a fully customized template for an extra cost. So if you prefer that our team of professionals create it for you, you can send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Do not submit your email address to websites or companies that you’re unfamiliar with, this way you can avoid receiving spam.


Emailbrain's Newsletter: May

By following us on Google + you will be able to find great information on Emailbrain, Email Marketing,

SMS marketing and much more. You will also be able to share your ideas and content with us.

How to reach new future clients

In the email marketing world there are tips that you can follow:

1. Do not purchase lists; they may lower your delivery rate for real subscribers.
2. Make the subscription form an easy process. The first thing you need to do is put the Subscription form on your website. Another good idea is to write a blog and included a link to your subscription form.
3. If it takes time to do it right, then take your time. It is important that you take the time it requires, but make sure you add people who really want to be on your list.
4. Target your clients; it would be ideal if you can create different newsletters for different types of clients that you have. This way your clients they will all receive the information they are looking for.
5. Make sure the unsubscribe link is visible, and is working. If you do not provide them with an opt out form and they want to unsubscribe clients will get upset.
6. Avoid emailing from addresses that are general addresses such as: sales@, info@, support@, webmaster@ or postmaster@.
7. Keep updating your lists and try to send in a frequent manner so that your list will always be current.
8. Make sure you have a link so your clients can forward the newsletter to their contacts.

It is a fact that email marketing is tied to results, and with no results no campaign is worth it.

We offer 3 simple recommendations so you can make maintenance to your databases:

1. Keep the database up to date. After making a post, delete all bounces (or correct) and block the unsubscribe.
2. Dispose of old contacts. Working with ancient contacts can bring very bad results. The rate of delivery and the openings may be minimal and their objectives might not be fulfilled.
3. Practice segmentation. Create different segments based on openings and clicks. And of course, grow your database continuously. Never forget the subscription form as an entry point for new subscribers.

We know how important it is for you to connect in the most important and cost-effective ways. If you have been contemplating subscribing to an Emailbrain Account, but you’re not so sure why, then this is your reason: To ake advantage of our expertise and further extend your achievement level!!!

Our powerful mobile and email marketing campaigns can be adapted for your specific demographic or activity. We know that mobile drives engagement through email, just take a look around – how many of the people you see on their smartphones do you think are opening mail?

Too many...

Emailbrain offers you even more than 100 templates there’s no reason for not using Emailbrain.
Email is most definitely here to stay; it’s getting smarter, responsive and interactive by the day and will continue to drive future sales and engagement.

Test, Test, Test
Since it is better to be safe than sorry, we recommend that you test as much as you can before sending out your newsletter or email marketing campaigns. Why is this recommended? Because it is the only way you can make sure that your clients will receive a perfect newsletter from you.

Always test your links, make sure that the images were uploaded correctly and that everything functions perfectly.

 We also strongly suggest that you create a list with five contacts; they can be your co-workers and you can ask them to look at the newsletter and to check that everything is perfect.

Lastly, we also recommend that you send your newsletter to a first group (around 20% of your list) and test how effective the newsletter is. If you want, you can create a survey on what they liked and did not like from the newsletter. Based on the feedback of that 20% you can adjust for the remainder of your clients. Remember that at Emailbrain we offer the A/B testing feature so you can easily do this test.



Emailbrain's Newsletter: August

We have been adding new pre-designed templates to your account. Our idea is for you to have a variety of templates to select and be able to add your information easily.

If you do not see a category on our list, or would like to see more styles in an existing category please let us know what you want by leaving a comment on our Facebook® or Twitter® page.

Make sure to have a Privacy Policy in your site. That way you can guarantee your clients that their info will not be provided to 3rd parties.

Make Your Newsletter Similar to your Website

It is really important that keep consistency between your website and the newsletters that you create.

Make sure that clients identify your brand, and one way of doing this is by making sure that your newsletters is not all about looks, but also that it is consistent to your website. That way your clients can learn to recognize your website quite soon.

The way you can get the best results when building your newsletters is by:

Not just images- keep in mind that newsletters are first seen on the previews, and that if you only put images, some email service provides do not show text on the preview, this will make the client delete the newsletter without even looking at it. That is why it is always good to combine text and images at the same time.

Make sure your clients recognize your brand name - it is very important that the client recognizes who the email is coming from, that way the will not automatically delete it.

Focus on the subject line to have a good delivery rate- with our feature A/B split test, you can compare two subject lines and determine, which of the two gives better result. You can test and send to a portion of your list with one subject line, and then the other portion of your list with the other subject line, that way you can realize which one gave best results.

In Email Marketing having your list completely opt-in is one of the most important things.

What is opt-in? Opt-in is the act of agreeing by email or other means, such as subscription form, to receive marketing email messages or giving to a particular individual or company website that gives you permission to send their emails.


Emailbrain's Newsletter: Abril

Pinterest is a social media craze that seems to have captured everyone’s attention. So how can Pinterest help you get more out of your email marketing and communication efforts?

We offer you some tips on how to get the most out of Pinterest.

What Information Should I Include in My Newsletter?

Obviously this will depend on your business and the audience in which you are marketing, but here are three recommendations:

Announcements: Include recent information about your company and/or products that impacts your readers. For instance, you can include a link to an upcoming tradeshow where your company will be exhibiting or perhaps a seminar that your company will be sponsoring.

Article: Include an article that relates to your products or services and helps your readers. It is also a great idea to develop a resource library that contains additional articles and provide a link for your readers so they can find more information on similar topics.

Case Study: Provide an example of a client who has achieved great results while using your products or services. This will help build credibility with your readers. Again, provide a link where your readers can view additional case studies.

Those are three key items to include in your newsletter. If you include these you are keeping your readers up to date on recent information about your products or services, including an article providing value on topics affecting them and by providing a case study you are proving to your readers that others are achieving success by using your products or services.

We make sure we protect our Client’s Information

The security of our client’s information is very important to us.

To Emailbrain, security is very important and it is essential for us to protect the information of our customers and make our email marketing application very safe. Therefore, Emailbrain does the following:
• When exporting a database, mailing list, statistics or invoices it is done by sending an email to the owner of the user account. That way, if someone accesses your account with bad intentions and tries to export the information to a different email address, it will be unsuccessful.

• We have a password change mechanism from the user profile.
• We have a log where all accesses are logged.
• It records the IP, the date, the time and details of each action occurred in the accounts.
• Our API is restricted for use exclusively from an IP or a range of IP’s. Similarly, the API has a different password to access the account.

• We have a recycle bin, which holds newsletters and contact lists for a few days if they are to berescued, it empties automatically every Sunday.

• Client’s password changes every 3 months or if it is suspected that the password has been obtained by a third party, we recommend immediate replacement.

“One of our customers recently summed it up well by telling us that for them Social Media was shinny but email was money”. Marie Moynihan

 “When you combine dynamic imaging with real-time data you’ll see the true power of dynamic imaging.

You can use Facebook likes and Twitter counters with the exact number of likes and tweets on the moment of opening the e-mail”. Ronald Dubbeldam
“To create, execute and automate highly dynamic campaigns across all the key interactive channels – email, mobile, social and the web”. Simon Robinson

“Understand why and how your audience uses technology and then start trying to align your communication efforts”. Brian Reich and Dan Solomon

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing about”. Benjamin Franklin

“You can’t expect to just write and have visitors come to you-that’s too passive”. Anita Campbell

“Good content should be at the heart of your strategy, but it is equally important to keep the display context of that content in mind as well”. Tim Frick

“Hyperlinks are the twenty-first-century equivalent of the name-dropper”. Chris Brogan and Julien Smith.

“Smartphones are reinventing the connection between companies and their customers”. Rich Miner

“Understand the key factors in the math behind viral marketing, and use those to figure out what it takes to get viral growth”. David Skok
“In this age of microblogging and two-second sound bites, almost no one has the attention span, or time, to read more than a few sentences”. Tim Frick

“It no longer makes economic sense to send an advertising message to the many in hope of persuading the few”. M. Lawrance Light

In order to create a successful Email Marketing Campaign, make sure you use the subscription form feature that EmailBrain offers . Also, be sure to post it on your website where it is very visible. Do not just put it on the home page of your website, put it in all pages of your website if possible.


Emailbrain's Newsletter: January


It’s a brand new year, let’s make this 2015 a great year! The best of luck for this coming year in all your Email Marketing Campaigns. We will be here to assist you and make your experience with us the easiest as it can be, we will help you in any way we can to reach your goals.

Quality vs. Quantity

When writing high quality content, your subscribers will be anxious to receive your newsletter, and they will see it like valuable information about your industry. This will create more credibility for you company, and your subscribers will want to forward your newsletters to even more people. Sending your newsletter very frequently could annoy your subscribers, and you could lose your credibility.

Whenever you make the design of your newsletter, make sure your newsletters are easy to read. Do not use: flash, a big font, too much colorful text or only CAPS. Make sure to write a summary of the overall information, because if you make the text too long, your recipients will not want to read it. Write your newsletter in many short paragraphs with the accurate information, and use bullets to give a little more information in the parts that need it. So, remember that the quality of your messages is really important, and that it is good to know that your recipients receive your newsletters with a lot of excitement.

Landing Pages and Email Marketing

A landing page is a website where users land after they have clicked on a link in a newsletter, a promotion, communication, or a banner on a web page. Often these landing pages are an extension of email marketing campaigns and are designed specifically to generate interest and persuade the user to make a decision or perform an action.

Email Marketing is one of the best ways to get your message out there, but complementing it with other tactics like social networks and landing pages can generate a greater public attraction. For this reason, landing pages and social networks are part of email marketing, because doing a mixture of the three youcan have a successful campaign.

Click here to read the full article.

The Essential Elements of Landing pages

In online marketing, the main strategy is that people receive your newsletter or visit your website in order to start being a part of your business, by subscribing to the mailing list and start receiving the newsletters, and at the end become customers. Landing pages were specifically created to get and attract these potential customers.

Click here to read the full article.

How to prevent your emails from getting marked as SPAM by doing the following:

.: Only send email marketing messages to people who explicitly requested it.
.: Don’t buy email addresses, as these people are not expecting email from you.
.: Ensure your sign-up forms and pages let subscribers make an informed and a clear choice to join a list and explain what kind of emails they can expect.
.: Don’t wait too long to send out your first email (no more than 2 weeks after a subscriber signs up to your list) and make sure new subscribers always get an immediate welcome message.
.: Don’t leave more than a few weeks between any sends thereafter.



Emailbrain's Newsletter: July

Grow your subscriber list with sign-ups from your social media pages. A subscription form on your company's Facebook page can go a long way toward building a thorough list of valuable, engaged contacts.

Share your newsletter in your social media, like Facebook®, Twitter®, Pinterest®, Instagram® etc… This way your followers can also be up to date with your promotions,, newsletters and communications

Two of themain reasons are:

1. Poor Content
The content provided through a newsletter should fascinate the recipient, it should inform, and should meet and fulfill their needs . If a subscriber has signed up to be on your list, it is because they want to receive quality content.

2. The sender is unknown
If you send email campaigns to your recipients , you must make clear to them who is emailing them, and why. The name , email and the domain must be very clear and known to them.
Should you change your newsletter’s sending address often?

We often have customers asking us if it is a good idea to change the from address when they are about to send their newsletter. So here are some pointers that you should consider before changing your from email address.

Read More

EmailBrain's browser widget gives your subscribers tools for sharing the news, tips, and events they find in your newsletter. They can comment on it, invite friends to subscribe, and even translate content to another language... And they can do it all from one expandable menu!


Emailbrain's Newsletter: June

Remember that each week (Tuesday and Friday) we add new information into our blog. This information is for you to know more about Emailbrain and Email Marketing. A side form articles you will find the promotions we have. So don't hesitate to visit our blog.

Everyone loves to read updates, to keep ahead of what is happening around them, and wants to learn things that are interesting. So, there is nothing better than when you send your Email Marketing newsletters to your customers and they receive them with joy. Try to provide them with new information in every posting you send them.

That is why it is really important to not send them the same information over and over because they will get tired and unsubscribe from your newsletters.

Also, note that there is a difference between new data and new information. Data are facts that simply do not have much meaning, whereas all these information is already processed and thoroughly explained. Do not just give facts, also give explanations.

Would you rather receive facts or explained information? Always try to put yourself in the shoes of the recipient. You will always want complete information and you would like them to be honest with you.

Not only do I recommend that you update the content of your newsletters, but also, I recommend that you update your blogs and websites as well. Always keep the latest information on your company, such as events, new products, news and so on.

Let your customers love what they see on their blogs, websites or newsletters and they will never get bored of the information you provide them with.

Don’t wait to long to send out your first email (no more than two weeks after a subscriber signs up to your list) and make sure new subscribers always get an immediate welcome message.

Your opinion about our new backend is very valuable to us

We want to know what you think about Emailbrain. If you like to change anything our have any suggestions, please let us know. You can leave your opinion/comment in our Facebook® and /or Twitter® page.

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