4 reasons to prefer Email Marketing

Here are four reasons why you should prefer email marketing:
1. People like to receive emails
Research has shown that buyers say they are willing to buy more  products or services if they receive emails with information and / or promotion from their suppliers.
2. Help to stay competitive
Keeping customers informed, helps keep them up to date on what you do and offer.  It is an excellent channel for contact, without being in a face to face conversation.
3. Easy Segmenting
You can decide who you want to send your emails to and send it right away if you wish. By segmenting your lists you can know who responded to a particular message and how they can buy more, based on the interest they show.
4. Email marketing is very inexpensive
This type of marketing is one of the most economical means today. Make sure you know how to use it  and not abuse the trust your customers give you.

Adding symbols to the Subject Line

All of those who use email marketing know that the subject line is a fundamental part of the campaigns  you are sending. Since the subject line helps you increase the open rate and helps you achieve your goals.
One way to tell if a subject line works better than another is by using our feature A / B Testing. This test automatically detects which of the two test sends you performed were more successful and received more openings.
Our marketing team here in Emailbrain proceeded to try what would happen if we included symbols in the subject line.
It was concluded that some of the symbols used in the test gave positive results. These are the symbols that received a high level of openness: ♥ ♠ ♣ ♦ ☀ ☂ ★ ☆ ☚ ☛
But remember that just because we tell you  that these symbols gave a high rate of opens, it does not mean that it will necessarily happen to you, always try to analyze the results. See what is best for your campaigns and likewise if you are sending serious newsletter it is not recommended to include symbols.


System Security is Emailbrain’s Main Priority

In Emailbrain, our customers’ safety is our first priority. That is why we do anything that is in our hands to implement protection mechanisms to safeguard customers’ information and make this email marketing application the most secure it can be.


9 Questions you should ask yourself to improve your Email Marketing Campaigns when using A/B Testing


We recommend you use the A / B  testing feature, (which enables you to test different variations of the same html newsletter against each other) before you send out your whole campaign.


Connect with your customers using TriggerMail/ Autoresponders

Emails sent from our feature TriggerMail/ Autoresponders are definitely a direct connection with consumers.
A good trigger bulletin describes in detail the event and proper language used to achieve a desired action. We facilitate the creation of transactional emails in a very easy and fast way, and it allows a continuous monitoring of what occurs to these clicks: openings, deliveries, unsubscribes, among others.


Opt-in Databases

As we have explained before, to have your own databases all opt-in (not purchased) is a treasure for your company.

In order to obtain information for your database, you have more and more places where you can gather information for opt-in data, such as:

- Putting a subscription form on your website Opt-in Databases

- Specialized Events (obtaining cards)

- Floor sales

- Sales Force


The delivery of your newsletters

Some of the most common reasons why your email marketing campaigns did not arrive in your client’s inbox are:

1) Bounces:  These are usually categorized as “hard” and “soft”. A hard bounce means a permanent problem with the delivery, such as when you send an email to an address that does not exist. A soft bounce refers to a temporary problem, for example, if the recipient’s inbox is full.


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