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Always Test your Newsletters before sending

Always Test your Newsletters before sending

Since it is better to be safe than to be sorry, I recommend you to test as much as you can before sending out your newsletter or email marketing campaigns. Why do I tell you this? Because it is the only way you can make sure that your clients will receive a perfect newsletter from you.

Always test your links, make sure that the images were uploaded correctly, and make sure that everything functions perfectly.
I also strongly suggest that you create a list with five contacts, it can be people from your office , and ask them to look at the newsletter and check if everything is functioning perfect.
Lastly, I also recommend that you send your newsletter to a first group (around 20% of your list) and test how effective the newsletter is. If you want to do a survey on what they liked from the newsletter and what they did not like, feel free to do so. That way you can act for the remainder of your clients based upon the first 20% feedback.

Interact with you Subscribers

Interact with you Subscribers


When you send out your campaign, you might think that you send it, promote your business, and then your clients will contact you to buy from you. But in reality, it does not work that way, you should actually try to interact with your clients, and have them click on a button to reply to you, no matter how far they are from you.


Different types of Newsletters


Different types of Newsletters
The different types of newsletters that are there are:
1. Informative Newsletters: This is the most common type of newsletters, in which you fill out a template, and replace its content every week, every 2 weeks, or every month.
2. Invitations: This will be used to invite your contacts to your events, such as companies parties, fairs, tradeshows.


Three Important Points on Email Marketing

Three Important Points on Email Marketing
1. Opt in – Get Permission

One of the most important things in Email Marketing is to get permission from the recipients to receive your newsletters. Without obtaining this permission you may be considered a spammer and be blocked by email providers. By the contrary, by obtaining the permission of your clients, you are creating a relationship with them so that your business can grow.


Measure Results

In Email Marketing, it is extremely important to measure the results of your campaigns in order to know if what you are doing is correct or if you should change your strategy. You should ask yourself when you are reviewing reports and statistics the following:
• What kind of newsletters are my clients opening more? Informational / promotional
• At what time do they get opened more?
• What geographic location is more responsive to my content?
• Are they clicking more on a specific topic?
• How many emails were opened?
• Were there any forwards?



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