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All logos, images and text to be used in the template must be provided by you in order to comply with copyright laws.

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Upgrade your existing plan, to any plan greater than 10,000 credits per month or to a bi-annual plan, and get a Personalized Template at no cost! (Regular Price $299)

Would you like to send out an Email Marketing message to your customers?

Let our Graphic Design Team create a Personalized Template exclusively for your company. Estimated Time: 2-5 business days.

Tables can be arranged to your liking or need and the template is fully editable.

All logos, images and text to be used in the template must be provided by you in order to comply with copyright laws.

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We make sure we protect our Client’s Information

The security of our client’s information is very important to us.
To Emailbrain, security is very important and it is essential for us to protect the information of our customers and make our email marketing application very safe. Therefore, Emailbrain does the following:
• When exporting a database, mailing list, statistics or invoices it is done by sending an email to the owner of the user account. That way, if someone accesses your account with bad intentions and tries to export the information to a different email address, it will be unsuccessful.
• We have a password change mechanism from the user profile.
• We have a log where all accesses are logged.
• It records the IP, the date, the time and details of each action occurred in the accounts.
• Our API is restricted for use exclusively from an IP or a range of IP’s. Similarly, the API has a different password to access the account.
• We have a recycle bin, which holds newsletters and contact lists for a few days if they are to be rescued, it empties automatically every Sunday.
• Client’s password changes every 3 months or if it is suspected that the password has been obtained by a third party, we recommend immediate replacement.


Interesting Email Marketing Quotes

“One of our customers recently summed it up well by telling us that for them Social Media was shinny but email was money”. Marie Moynihan
“When you combine dynamic imaging with real-time data you’ll see the true power of dynamic imaging. You can use Facebook likes and Twitter counters with the exact number of likes and tweets on the moment of opening the e-mail”. Ronald Dubbeldam
“To create, execute and automate highly dynamic campaigns across all the key interactive channels – email, mobile, social and the web”. Simon Robinson
“Understand why and how your audience uses technology and then start trying to align your communication efforts”. Brian Reich and Dan Solomon
“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing about”. Benjamin Franklin
“You can’t expect to just write and have visitors come to you-that’s too passive”. Anita Campbell
“Good content should be at the heart of your strategy, but it is equally important to keep the display context of that content in mind as well”. Tim Frick
“Hyperlinks are the twenty-first-century equivalent of the name-dropper”. Chris Brogan and Julien Smith.
“Smartphones are reinventing the connection between companies and their customers”. Rich Miner
“Understand the key factors in the math behind viral marketing, and use those to figure out what it takes to get viral growth”. David Skok
“In this age of microblogging and two-second sound bites, almost no one has the attention span, or time, to read more than a few sentences”. Tim Frick
“It no longer makes economic sense to send an advertising message to the many in hope of persuading the few”. M. Lawrance Light


Use a Template

You may think it is logical to have to use a template for your newsletters , but believe it or not there are still people who do not use it and believe that with using a background color is sufficient . So we give a few reasons why you should use a template in your email marketing campaigns:

  • - Your customers will recognize the newsletter.
  • - Your customers will know what to expect.
  • - It will give  organization and professionalism to your newsletter .
  • - When you are editing your newsletter each week / month, it will be much easier and faster to edit.

Finally, I advice having a standard template to use most of the time , but also have a special occasion alternative template in order to show a little creativity and customization.


How to create successful Marketing Campaigns

Make sure you use the subscription form feature that EmailBrain offers . Also, be sure to post it on your website where it is very visible. Do not just put it on the home page of your website, put it in all pages of your website if possible.

EmailBrain also provides you with the feature called ” forward to a friend” , so if your customers see that your information is interesting, they can forward it to your friends . Once these friends receive it and really see that they are interested, they can sign up to be on your list.

Encourage your customers to register on your list by giving something back . It may be giving them the option to enter or raffle , or by letting them know that they will receive benefits like discounts and /or promotions.

Use an appropriate amount of fields in your subscription form . Doing it too long , will make your customer leave .

Educate your customers or future customers using different media such as Facebook , Twitter , Blogs and Articles , so your customers can know how to follow you and being updated with latest events of your company.

Make sure you have a privacy policy on your website . This way you can assure your customers that their information will not be given to third parties.

The section of reports and statistics can be helpful when creating your email marketing campaigns. Here are two reasons of why:
1. Be aware  of the unsubscribes and the frequency that they occur in
The main reasons for which your customers can unsubscribe: They are not registered to your list, the newsletters  are not of their  interest or they are receiving many newsletters. Choose a delivery schedule and stick to it. Send regular newsletters and alter them with offers. In addition, make sure your content is relevant.
2. Consider open rates to find the most loyal customers
Getting a high level of openness shows that customers are committed to what is sent to them and recognizes your address. You can target these clients that are more loyal to specific marketing campaigns. Check your open rates of recent months and send a special offer for those customers. Due to high rates in the past, these clients are certain to open the newsletters.
You must dedicate a lot of time on building your newsletter content. In order for your email marketing efforts to be effective, you must be very consistent. So what is the easiest and fastest way to build your email marketing content?
1. Keep it short and simple- It is better to create a newsletter that captures your recipient’s attention, and it does not necessarily have to be long. It is ok to search for information on the internet on the topic you want to talk about and expose yourself to more ideas and facts. (Always mention the source where you gathered the information from, and you should always add your personal thoughts to it).
2. Always create a brief draft- in order to keep your key ideas alive, make sure you make an outline with the important things that you do not want to forget later on. Once you have an outline, it is very easy to come up with the whole newsletter or blog posting.
3. It is important to talk about the industry in general as well as your company too. Many companies focus on talking at all times on their company rather than the industry, and it is ok to talk about your company, but you should always add as a complement tips and facts on the trends and direction that the industry is going, that will engage the reader even more.
4. Use email marketing as a bridge to your old communications or postings,. It is ok to write a blog on different things such as  your old articles, your old blogs, and even link your new newsletters from things that you previously used.

Give your newsletter some vital energy

Make sure that you attract an opt-in, happy crowd of subscribers, that way you are to a large extent producing an excellent crowd newsletter of people who will actually read your newsletter.

How can you grow your list/ database?

Get a  subscription form if you do not have one. But if you do, have you added our new Social Subscribe Form yet ? This way it will facilitate you to get all subscribers from all your social networks! Take advantage of all the great features that Emailbrain has to offer you!


Why do your subscribers unsubscribe?

When a client unsubscribes, it usually happens for a specific reason, and finding out the cause can be the solution to prevent future unsubcribes.

Here we give some reasons why your clients unsubscribe:

Sends that are too often
There is nothing more annoying than receiving too many emails from a sender. For this reason, you should send a in moderate manner , let your customers eagerly wait for your newsletter .

Using lists that are not opt-in
If your recipients are not opt -in, Email Marketing is not for you . Rented or purchased lists will give a high rate of unopened emails and unsubscribes.

Poor Content
The content provided through a newsletter should fascinate the recipient, it should inform, and should meet and fulfill their needs . If a subscriber has signed up to be on your list, it is because they want to receive quality content.

Loss of confidence
When you create your newsletter most of the time you put your website or landing page, where you will find more information of the product /service or news. So this page should be a page that your clients can trust , with specific information because if the page does not look good , does not open or has incorrect information, most likely your customers will stop believing in you.

The sender is unknown
If you send email campaigns to your recipients , you must make clear to them who is emailing them, and why. The name , email and the domain must be very clear and known to them.




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