Learn how to Maximize your Time when Emailing your Clients

Did you know you can schedule an email campaign, and send a second email to a person who previously opened it? Did you also know you can send automatic emails to people who clicked on a specific link on an email you sent before?
Email marketing should not stop you from doing other activities while your newsletters get sent out, you can schedule your campaign at an earlier time, and it will be sent out later without you having to be present.
With our schedule triggers feature, you can select the date and time your campaigns (or communications) to go out. It is ideal for a recurring monthly send, such as invoices. So for example, if you want your customers to receive their bills at 9 am on the first day of each month, Emailbrain automatically sends it for you.

Growing your Email Subscribers

The mailing list is the most important element in the success of your email marketing campaigns. If you can convert visits to your website and social pages into lasting relationships via email, the chances of retaining customers are much greater.
A permission-based list built by yourself always yields the best results, since you’re providing people with content that’s relevant and interesting to them. Here are 4 key principles and practices to help you build a responsive list of addresses:
1) Offer a sign-up form on your website and blog for your email newsletter: The very obvious and most important example of when you have someone’s interest is when he or she visits your website. So feature a newsletter sign-up form in a prominent position on every page, including text that:
•    Clearly states that this is a sign-up form for getting email;
•    Describes the benefits of being a newsletter subscriber; and
•    Indicates how often email will arrive.
2) Integrate sign-ups with other website interactions: If the ideal time to invite someone to join your list is when they’ve shown interest in your brand, it makes sense to build a sign-up opportunity into all your online processes. For example, whenever people:
•    Register for an event or webinar on your website;
•    Go through the payment process for a product or service; or
•    Enter an online competition or complete a survey.
3) Encourage sign-ups via social media: Consumers also interact with your company online outside of your website. Encourage social media contacts to sign up for your html newsletter, to provide a more effective channel for direct promotional efforts.
•    Send tweet invitations to followers to sign up to see the next publication of your newsletter;
•    Embed your email sign-up form on your Facebook page; and
•    Ensure your social media messages contain information about offers that are only sent to email subscribers. Exclusivity is a powerful incentive to join a list.
4) Work with partners: Find related businesses whose products or services are complementary to yours and ask if they’ll add your newsletter to their opt-in form. Do trade offers, adding an extra registration check-box so people can subscribe to your list and your partner’s bulk email marketing list at the same time.

Create your Email Marketing Campaign based on your Reports and Statistics

The section of reports and statistics can be helpful when creating your email marketing campaigns. Here are two reasons of why:
1. Be aware  of the unsubscribes and the frequency that they occur
The main reasons for which your customers can unsubscribe: They are not registered to your list, the newsletters  are not of their  interest or they are receiving many newsletters. Choose a delivery schedule and stick to it. Send regular newsletters and alter them with offers. In addition, make sure your content is relevant.
2. Consider open rates to find the most loyal customers
Getting a high level of openness shows that customers are committed to what is sent to them and recognizes your address. You can target these clients that are more loyal to specific marketing campaigns. Check your open rates of recent months and send a special offer for those customers. Due to high rates in the past, these clients are certain to open the newsletters.

Important Tips to Create a Better Newsletter

1. Design for the preview pane-The human eye normally scans an email from the left top corner to the right top corner and then down.

So, it’s a good idea to have a graphic  banner for visual impact, but it should not be  too large. That is why you  should try to get the main idea of your message as close to the upper left corner of your email, so it can be visible in the preview pane, without the reader needing to scroll down.

2.The background color- If you wish to use an image in the background of your design, just keep in mind that some email providers are not compatible with having a background, that is why we recommend not to use background images, that way your newsletter can look exactly how you want the client to see it.

3. A link could save the day- It is a wonderful idea to provide a link based on your website, because even though you may put great efforts in your newsletter, there could be visualization problems.

This will allow your clients to see the newsletter on the browser if they cannot see it in their inbox.


Great Customer Service!

In order to achieve a good understanding of your customer’s needs you would have to consider the following:

Compromise: Offer second to none and personalized customer service that is above and beyond to what your clients expect will make your company more successful.

Listen to your clients: All companies, even if they are small companies or large corporations, must listen to what they clients want and have to say. It is recommended to find out what is important for them, what influences their decisions, and how you could help them at the time of making a decision, when they are ready to make a purchase.

Analyze: Is your newsletter having the success you expected?   You could understand your subscribers much better if you know what they think of your information, if they find it useful or not. Send them a survey, or ask them what they think of the information your currently send them.



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