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If you use a Yahoo email address to send, your newsletter delivery rate can drop…


Yahoo began executing a stricter email policy that may unfortunately result in your newsletters landing up in the spam folder or being returned to you as bounced mail.

According to WordToTheWise Yahoo is doing this since, "there's been an ongoing attack against Yahoo users attempting to compromise their accounts and then send email from that Yahoo user to their contacts. Yahoo is telling other systems to not accept mail from Yahoo users if it doesn't come through Yahoo controlled servers. This includes the mail from the attackers, but also mail from regular Yahoo users."

If you're already sending through Emailbrain, you have a much higher success rate at having your emails delivered – we ensure optimal deliverability with feedback loops and we're a member of ReturnPath. However, if you send from a personal Yahoo address, your newsletter send will be made look fraudulent, even if it is not – due to the changes implemented by Yahoo.

These changes will affect receiving servers who respect DMARC policies, including Gmail, Hotmail, and others.

In order for you newsletter not be received in the spam folder or bounced back the best thing to do is send from an email address other than your personal Yahoo, if you have a different one. However, best practice is to set up a custom business domain for your sends. You may also create a free mail custom address on another email provider instead.





Great Customer Service!

In order to achieve a good understanding of your customer’s needs you would have to consider the following:

Compromise: Offer second to none and personalized customer service that is above and beyond to what your clients expect will make your company more successful.

Listen to your clients: All companies, even if they are small companies or large corporations, must listen to what they clients want and have to say. It is recommended to find out what is important for them, what influences their decisions, and how you could help them at the time of making a decision, when they are ready to make a purchase.

Analyze: Is your newsletter having the success you expected?   You could understand your subscribers much better if you know what they think of your information, if they find it useful or not. Send them a survey, or ask them what they think of the information your currently send them.


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Plan Ahead on Your Email Marketing Campaign

1) Begin your communications with an email marketing plan
Keep your plans simple and make sure they’re realistic and reachable. Don’t waste time on things that won’t help you. After all, it’s a lot more rewarding when you know your goals are within your grasp.
2) Resolve to communications with measurement
With the statistical tracking features provided by most email service providers (ESPs) there’s no reason to practice guess-marketing. But if that’s what you’ve been doing, then there’s no better time than the present to become a monster of metrics.
Comparing your current figures against old figures numbers, if you have them, will give you a better idea of how you are growing, what to expect, and let you anticipate high and low business periods before they happen; which also makes it easier to budget.
3) More Friendly Emails
Mobile and bulk SMS marketing have gone from  buzz to biz. With the growing popularity of smartphones and the increasing dependence on mobile devices, marketers have added mobile to their communications mix and take their marketing strategies to the next level. Now, consumers are where their mobile is. 
Give serious consideration to making your digital communications mobile friendly. Ensuring that you have mobile sign up forms and that both your emails and website landing pages render properly on popular mobile devices are top priorities

Learn about your client’s needs

Dear Followers,
If all you have is the email address of your client, and you would like to add fields to your subscription form, you can do so, that way, when your clients click on “Update Profile” on the footer of your email, or in the subscription form in your website, you can certainly have them update their profile with more information. You can add many fields including topic of interest, that way they can choose from a variety of topics  that you offer them.
There is nothing that clients hate more than to constantly receive information on themes that they are not interested. That is why it is so important to get to know your clients preferences.
If you send information to your clients, and they are not interested in receiving regarding that subject, chances are they will lose interest in your company, and one day not too far, they will completely stop opening your emails, that is why it is so important to segment your clients by  their topics of interest.
You will see that your clients response rate increases when the information you send them actually matches what they said they were expecting to receive from you, in the subscription form, or even in their profile.

Give your newsletter some vital energy

Give your newsletter some vital energy

Make sure that you attract an opt-in, happy crowd of subscribers, that way you are to a large extent producing an excellent crowd newsletter of people who will actually read your newsletter.

How can you grow your list/ database?

Get a  subscription form if you do not have one. But if you do, have you added our new Social Subscribe Form yet ? This way it will facilitate you to get all subscribers from all your social networks! Take advantage of all the great features that Emailbrain has to offer you!


Emailbrain's Newsletter: August

We have been adding new pre-designed templates to your account. Our idea is for you to have a variety of templates to select and be able to add your information easily.

If you do not see a category on our list, or would like to see more styles in an existing category please let us know what you want by leaving a comment on our Facebook® or Twitter® page.

Make sure to have a Privacy Policy in your site. That way you can guarantee your clients that their info will not be provided to 3rd parties.

Make Your Newsletter Similar to your Website

It is really important that keep consistency between your website and the newsletters that you create.

Make sure that clients identify your brand, and one way of doing this is by making sure that your newsletters is not all about looks, but also that it is consistent to your website. That way your clients can learn to recognize your website quite soon.

The way you can get the best results when building your newsletters is by:

Not just images- keep in mind that newsletters are first seen on the previews, and that if you only put images, some email service provides do not show text on the preview, this will make the client delete the newsletter without even looking at it. That is why it is always good to combine text and images at the same time.

Make sure your clients recognize your brand name - it is very important that the client recognizes who the email is coming from, that way the will not automatically delete it.

Focus on the subject line to have a good delivery rate- with our feature A/B split test, you can compare two subject lines and determine, which of the two gives better result. You can test and send to a portion of your list with one subject line, and then the other portion of your list with the other subject line, that way you can realize which one gave best results.

In Email Marketing having your list completely opt-in is one of the most important things.

What is opt-in? Opt-in is the act of agreeing by email or other means, such as subscription form, to receive marketing email messages or giving to a particular individual or company website that gives you permission to send their emails.


Introducing A New Way to Protect your Deliverability

Everyone hates spam and every email marketer hates not getting to the inbox.

That’s why we have an exciting new development to help both readers and email marketers – completely automatically.

A New Way to Protect your Email Delivery!

Emailbrain strives to uphold an excellent sender reputation that gets your email to the inbox and away from the spam folder.

To this end, we have implemented an automatic function that will monitor mailing lists for faulty and unresponsive email addresses.

Here’s how it works

1. A user uploads a mailing list.
2. Auto-Sieve automatically scans the list for unresponsive addresses.
3. If there are too many bad addresses, the list will be blocked from being uploaded.

Faulty lists hurt your email deliverability and sender reputation – which is why we suspend repeat offenders from our services.

Conversely, non-faulty, ‘clean’ lists have many benefits such as improved deliverability, better engagement and better click-through rates… which is what you want to improve your ROI and get the most out of your email marketing budget!

How do I avoid being blocked?

Ensure your lists are clean and remove any unresponsive addresses and only use opt-in subscription methods.

We can help you via our list clean up service, which is located under the 'Lists & Contacts' section and provides you with an efficient, working mailing list in no time.


A Good Subject Line makes a difference on your Email Marketing Campaigns

Many people say that the most important  thing in the email is the subject line, as it is the first thing your readers see and it gives them the interest to read your email . It is said that thelonger the subject line is less desire your recipients are going to have to open your newsletter.

Our recommendation is that your subject line contains no more than 40 characters , since most email providers show only that amount.

Another advantage of creating short subject lines is that we avoid using many capitals, and that way your email has less chance of being categorized as spam. Remember not to use words in your topic as Viagra , free, money etc ... as this will also be considered spam.

Be sure to always send a test email to make sure your reaching the Inbox . Thanks and I hope you follow these tips .



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