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Research your product / service thoroughly and regularly

Keeping up is very important, and this can put you ahead of your competition. To do this, make sure you investigate for websites that relate to your product / service. Pay attention if new developments are coming and always try to see if there are new things in the market or if your company is offering the latest and most innovative product.

. Ask yourself these questions when looking at the websites: •. What is the major tone of the other sites? • What are they doing, and what strategy are they using in order to be successful? • What news is being discussed on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis? To research requires considerable time, but it helps to differentiate itself from those who have not done so. Over time, the research you do will gain more visitors. It is also recommended adapting some of the techniques of others if you think you can benefit, but do not be afraid to wear your own style / taste.


Link with Intelligence!

Links are great, especially when the links are pointing to your website. However, make sure you are linking to related sites. Give readers links that are connected to interesting content that you think will benefit them, inform them or entertain them in any way possible.

When you place the link, create a comment that will make them want to press this link, and this will also prove to your readers that you really are an expert on the subject.

Finally be careful not to link to pages with content that is not related to your company. Since this can annoy your readers, and remember that they were registered to receive your information and not see one that may not be interested.


Is it better to have your subscribers Single Opt in or Double Opt in?

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It really depends on how you see it. The single opt in is simpler and faster to use. As soon as a person puts their details on the subscription form they are already subscribed and can start receiving your emails. However, the negative part of single opt-in is that anyone can write out anyone's email address in the subscription form, and then the real person can make a spam complaint because it was not really them who opted in, but a competitor for example. Also, even if he/she is the same subscriber who opts in but misspells a letter of the whole email address then they will not be added.

The double opt in is more work because after a client first opt ins, then he/she needs to go to his/her email and confirm that they have opted in. This will confirm that the person who subscribed to a  certain email address is really the owner of such email address account. The negative side is that many people can either not receive the email or if they do but they do mot click on the link. And, by consequence it will be a subscriber less than you will have in your list.

So now that both opt ins are explained to you, Which one will you feel more comfortable using and why?


Are your clients overwhelmed by your emails?

A great tip is to always compare how often you send your clients emails with the amount of unsubscribe you have for that specific period of time. If you see that when you send emails too often, the unsubscribe rate goes up, then that means that they are not liking the fact that you are sending them emails too often, and after a while more and more clients will unsubscribe. I suggest you try to keep your clients by not saturating them with too much information.


As a personal experience, I would like to tell you that I subscribed to receive email from a particular brand that I love, well let me tell you, it was insane, I would receive an email every day, I ended up unsubscribing. So, they would have kept me as a subscriber if they did not saturate my inbox, but unfortunately, they did.

Every time you are ready to send an email blast, make sure that put yourself in your subscriber's place, and make sure you would not mind receiving that email too soon from the last one you sent out. If you think that they will not feel annoyed, because there was a reasonable period of time between the last email and the one you are about to send, then go for it!


Happy Mother's Day from Emailbrain

There are times when only a Mother's love Can understand our tears, Can soothe our disappoints And calm all of our fears. There are times when only a Mother's love Can share the joy we feel When something we've dreamed about Quite suddenly is real. There are times when only a Mother's faith Can help us on life's way And inspire in us the confidence We need from day to day.


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Why are your emails not appearing in some of your clients inbox? (CMigrator copy 1)

The first thing you need to do is focus on having the right subject line. Putting symbols or capital letter to your subject line might take it directly to the spam folder.

Also, it is really important to always create a text version along with the HTML version. Always try to make the text version as similar as possible to the HTML version. spam filters compare both versions, and if they are different they tend to place it in the spam section.

The main reason why email providers will block your emails is because:

Spam filters rate your email as a potential spam email. In other words, they gather characteristics such as words on the content of , size and color of the font, if the message is all spam or not and then depending on such factors, they make the decision of fixing it or not.

The key to your emails reaching the inbox is:

List hygiene: Make sure people have opted in directly to you, to receive your newsletters, and not  to a third party. This will avoid your emails being flagged as spam, and your server will be clean, so when you send out your emails it will reach the inbox.



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