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Send your clients a note on their Birthday

Everyone loves to receive birthday gifts, and many companies are smart to take this opportunity to send birthday wishes via email and make them feel they are appreciated and important. However, some are better than others, and I wanted to mention some examples.

 As mentioned before, the best thing is to get birthday gifts, and definitely get something for free. So there are some restaurants that are extremely generous, they send you and e-card birthday note and tell you that you get dessert or a free entree at the restaurant.

 The e-mail is personalized with the birthdate and  person's name and signed by the manager. This offer may seem extravagant, but nobody gets to eat for their birthday alone, so I'm sure it's worth giving away.

Another way is sending the birthday card, with discount rate of course, giving them a limited time discount. For example give 20% in the month of their birthday. This will make your customers want to go shopping and buy your products more secure than normal.

We know that not all companies can give a gift or a discount on a purchase but there are still ways to send greetings. You can send an e-card giving it a personal touch. For example, all the employees in a photo together  wishing you a happy birthday. In our template gallery you will find a variety of templates you can customize for your client’s birthday.

Finally in order to send e-birthday card, remember to include in the subscription format the field so that they add their birthday.


Check your Spelling

It is very important that you always check and spell check your newsletters, as any errors may discredit you can be on your newsletter, and there really is no excuse for that.

The spell checker tool is already being incorporated into a text processor such as Word, and it is likely that your email program will also be. By using the spell checker in a newsletter, usually you have to copy and paste the email content in your word processor.

 Another option that there is for those using Microsoft ® Outlook for e-mail, is to open a new email message in an editable window which has the spell check feature enabled.

You can also use the spell checker that we provide in our editor, but most times this works only for English text.

A couple of negatives to be taken into account when using spell check are:

 1. A spell checker cannot correct it in the pictures, so this, you will have to do it yourself.

 2. Neither it distinguishes between words that sound alike but are spelled different. So you should also carefully review this.


Place your vote for our email marketing FAQs

New Help Center voting icons

I am sure you have all had some questions about something in your Emailbrain account.  It happens when you’re working in a technical application with as many features as ours.

When you get stuck with something in Emailbrain, the quickest way to go about solving your problem is to go to our Help Center.  The Help Center covers a range of topics offering step-by-step instructions on how to solve some frequently asked questions. We offer help documents and FAQs.

The problem is that we are not sure how helpful the answers are to you as an individual user. We need your feedback so we can continuously improve on our Help Center. So we have enabled you to vote for our FAQs!   Next time you have a question, check out our Help Center and tell us if our answer was helpful or not.  We greatly appreciate our clients' feedback. 

So - to the polls! Make your vote count :)


Now live: Share your email newsletters on Facebook!

Remember when I told you all about how important it is to integrate your email marketing with social media?  And then, we made live our Social Share feature – a tool that allowed you to automatically publish a link to your newsletter on Twitter. 

You can now extend your email reach to include your Facebook friends and fans.

It’s simple.  Just like with the Twitter social share, you simply select which newsletter it is you want to share on Facebook, and a link to the newsletter will be posted on your wall along with a brief description of the newsletter.  It’s perfect for enticing more friends to sign up for your newsletter, or simply to share the information in your newsletter with them.

Log into your account and try it out!


Tips on How to Make your Database Grow

-Put your subscription form on your website

-Include your subscription form on your facebook fan page

-Twitter the link of your subscription form that is inside the newsletter that you are sending.

-Place a fishbowl on your business, where people can register to win prizes.

-In every phone call with every client, ask them if they can provide you with their email so you can send them your newsletter.

-Have a pop up window in your website, where your clients can put their information to win something, and receive your newsletter frequently.

-When you get an email that bounces, send them a direct mail with an incentive if they provide you with their new email address.

-Give your employees a prize for whoever collects more opt in email addresses.

-Send your clients a gift on their birthday, if they opt in to receive your newsletters.

-In your signature, you can put a link for them to sign up.


Maintaining Privacy on your Facebook Account

We all agree that facebook is a great tool for marketing purposes, and also to stay connected with friends and relatives that are far away. But, we must keep in mind that providing too much information can get us an identity, we must be aware of this and take the necessary measures to avoid such big problem.

Whether your business has a Facebook account or you have a personal Facebook Account, here are some very important tips to avoid personal theft, which could complicate your business as well as your personal life.

 The first thing you must keep in mind is to avoid showing your contacts that are business related. Have you ever thought of the possibility of a competitor of yours or someone that would like to harm you, contact your business colleagues in order to damage you? They could send a very bad message about you and ruin your reputation. Well that is something we don’t usually think of, but can certainly occur.

 On a personal level, you should avoid exposing information in your facebook account such as your home address, your birth date, you high school graduation, your college graduation, your pets’ name, the city you were born it, your mother’s maiden name (Those are all the answers to security questions that should to be exposed to the public)

Also, the plans that you have on a certain date such as traveling, going out of your house, or being part of any specific group that identifies you, can be really harmful. They can all lead to people trying to pretend they are you at the time of trying to steal something from you, or simply say that they are you, when they are really not.


How can you obtain more customers? How can you keep the ones you already have?

In order to obtain new customers it is important that you expose the subscription form that we provide you in your website. If you do not have a website, it is important that you gather information from new clients, you can have a printed sheet and have your clients fill out their information for you to send them tips on the industry, or send them offers, but also letting they know they are signing up to your list to receive newsletters from you.

In order to keep your current subscribers, and change their minds if they ever think about unsubscribing, you must be consistent with them, and send them a recurrent newsletter with the same frequency, either every week, every month, ever 2 weeks. Also, make sure to send an auto reply to your customers after they sign up, so they keep in their minds that they opted in to your list. And last but not least, make sure you get to know your client. Classify them, by different interests and send them only what they would like to receive. Do not over send them information that will make them unsubscribe from your list.


Collecting information from your customers without costing annoyance to them.

When a subscriber, first signs up to your list, they do not like to fill out much information, So, I suggest before you build a relationship with them, you only ask them for the essential information such as their email address, and their name. Once you have that information, you can focus on building a relationship with them and you can get a lot more information from them little by little.

One simple way of doing this, without having to ask them for further information is to track what links they have clicked on, on the past emails you have sent out to them, and that way, realize what part of your business they are most interested in. Also, you can take further action, and once you have their email address you can ask them for additional information you would like to know from them. That way, they will not feel pushed away when they first sign up, by you asking so many details of them. The way your clients will be more pleased to give you their information, is probably by you giving them something in exchange. You may offer them a discount on one of your products, or they can participate in any type of activity where you can give them an incentive, and all they have to do is fill out their complete details.


ROI in Email Marketing is very high; it is very well worth it.

It is a really smart idea to use Email Marketing,  as your main Marketing Strategy. Not only because it is really inexpensive but also because it gives great results.

All our clients are obviously using Email Marketing, and what I want to suggest is that you take full advantage of this tool. You must tell yourself: How can I do this if I am already engaged in Email Marketing? Well, the best way to do this is to make sure that everytime you send out a newsletter, you use all the features that Emailbrain offers you such as segmenting, so you can send the newsletter to all the people that wish to receive the information.

Also, always update the content of your newsletters, and try to make them the most interesting as possible. The time you spend in creating your newsletter, will be totally worth it.

Advantages of using Emailbrain as your ESP are that we can offer you features that will be really important at the time of sending out your campaign such as a dedicated ip, and a dedicated server, we will place the unsubscribe link in the footer of your emails, and in the top too if you would like that option, we will take care of your hardbounces, and softbounces, we can offer you full reports and statistics, with your open rate, unsubscribe rate, bounce rate, click through rate, we are whilisted with major IPSs, and also we have google analytics integration, and an API integration as well.

 So we encourage you to take advantage of Email Marketing since the ROI is so high.



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