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Extend your email marketing reach - with more social share options!

We promised you more social share options, didn't we? They’re finally here!

 We’ve extended our social share tool to enable you to share your newsletters, not only on Facebook and Twitter, but also on Google, My Space, Yahoo and LinkedIn!

Not sure what social share is?  Don’t worry, I sometimes struggle to keep up with all our new features myself. Social share is a tool that enables you to share your newsletters with your friends and followers on all the social networks I just mentioned.  Basically, you’re able to publish your newsletter to your social network profile on Facebook, Twitter, etc.  It will show up as a brief description of your newsletter along with a link to the full newsletter. 

 The handy thing is that you can now do it all from within your Emailbrain account, without having to log in and post updates on all your social accounts (and you probably have quite a few) manually.  We also have an URL shortener, that will automatically shorten the link to your newsletter for you.  It looks more appealing that way and it’s especially useful on Twitter where you’re limited to 140 characters.

 We realize how important it is in today’s marketing environment to integrate and automate your various marketing channels.  It’s the only way to stop on top of it all – email, social, mobile…  So we’re trying to make it a little easier. 

Please note: We recently announced that we were temporarily suspending the Twitter social share option due to technical difficulties.  Twitter social share is once again available along with the launch of these new social share options.


Emailbrain has a new feature: A/B split testing

We came up with a brand new feature, and this one is focused solely on improving your statistics.  It’s called the A/B split test feature.  “Huh?” we hear you saying.  Well, let’s get that confused look off your face and listen up, because this one’s here to maximize your email marketing campaign!

As an enthusiastic email marketer, you’ve been checking all the reports and statistics of your sends.  Notice how they’re never quite the same?  Open and click through rates always vary – and you’ve probably been wondering why that is.  After all, your newsletters are all designed in the same template and style…  Sound familiar?

A/B split testing was developed to help you assess what strategy and techniques work best for your email marketing campaign, which of course just means that it tests what your subscribers like most.

This feature allows you to draw up different variations of your newsletter, and then send these different newsletters to only a percentage of your contacts.  This way, you get to test how a small percentage of your subscribers reacted to the different newsletters, so you can pick the one that worked best and send that winning newsletter to all your subscribers.  Here’s how:

With A/B split testing you have two options:  The first option allows you to select 5 newsletters to compare - perhaps all with the same content, but each with a different images, or even slight changes in the design or content.  (You don’t have to have 5 different newsletters, you can even just do 2 if you’d prefer.)  Alternatively, you can test up to 5 different subject lines for the same newsletter; say, for instance, varying in length or tone.

Once you’ve decided what it is you’d like to test, you can then decide on a percentage of your mailing list to test it on.  So, if you choose to send the test to 10 % of your mailing list and you want to compare 2 newsletters, then 5 % will receive Newsletter A and 5 % will receive Newsletter B.  Once you’ve figured out which one was more successful, you then send the best newsletter to the remaining 90% of your mailing list.  And don’t worry:  The system keeps track of who received the test, and who received which version – so none of your subscribers will receive your newsletter twice!

How do you assess which one worked best though?

It’s easy, and again, it’s your choice!  You can decide what’s most important to you and your business:  How many readers opened your newsletter, or how many clicked through to your website.  The A/B split test will then assess accordingly and you’ll receive a table (kind of like our reports) depicting the statistics and status of your send.

You can use this feature as much as you’d like, in fact, the more you test and improve, the better for your campaign.  After all, continuous tests will help you stay on top of subscriber trends.  Experiment to your heart’s content!

So on your next send, use our A/B split test feature to get a feel of what works for your subscribers and send them only the most popular newsletters.  Can you feel your campaign statistics booming already?


What you should keep in mind when selecting an email marketing company

When you are selecting an email marketing company, I advise you keep these points in mind: • Privacy: If you work with personal data, database of customers or partners, etc.. you can not forget to ask about this point. Make sure the company providing the services shall not assign, rent, sell or  misuse the data. • Experience: Find out what kind of experience does the company have, globally and locally. • Relationships: The candidate company should have relationships with major ISP market; know their anti-spam filters and minimum requirements. • Sending capacity: How many emails I can send at a time? Are there any limitations on the size of email? • Deliverability: What percentage of emails can be delivered? • Platform: Software to download or access to a control panel via the Internet. Value and choose the most convenient and appropriate. Remember that when  using the Internet, you can use from anywhere in the world and any computer. • Tools: Perform an analysis on the tools that a platform offers. Statistical control, image hosting, creation of newsletters, subscription form, anti-spam analysis, segmentation, etc. • Support: Is there any support? Via chat, phone, email, tickets. How do I resolve my doubts and who can I contact? • Documentation: Is there a manual for using the platform? • Price: Will you pay a monthly or quarterly? Is there an initial fee? Will I have a minimum remaining time? What is the charge?

With this small list you may value the options at that are out there, and take the right decision for your company. Remember that we are here to answer your questions and better yet, explain the benefits you have to use EmailBrain.


New social networking icons in the Emailbrain Footer

We are already in October! Three more months and this year is over!  We are also in the month of the witches, Halloween Month! So it is a month to feel like a kid again and have a great time!!!

Again, thinking of you we have included a new feature to your footer. Now we are offering social networking icons such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, MySpace,, Digg and you can include them in your footer. When you send your newsletter, subscribers can simply click on the icon of your social network and can share your newsletter with all their friends. When they click on the desired network, they will be taken to the homepage of the network and will have to put their username and the URL of the newsletter will automatically be included in the status of the individual.

So now you know, keep on creating well-designed newsletters, with good information and continue to innovate, because it is more likely that if you include this option in your footer, I can assure you that more than one of your subscribers will share your newsletter on their network. What a great way to advertise their products and their customers will also recommend them to their acquaintances.

You might be wondering how can I set it up in my footer? It is very easy, here I explain how:

In your Emailbrain account, go to Settings & Options> Header / Footer.

 image1   There, you will see two options basic or advanced configuration settings. If you are in basic, please select Advanced and click save. If you are in Advanced you are where you need to be.

 Then scroll down to where it says settings email footer and press where the + is.


    There you will see several options, select the box that says " Add social media links on all emails" and size it the way that you want the icons to be seen.

Then scroll down and click Save Changes and ready, and icons will be in your footer.

 image3   Finally, you can see how many of your subscribers have shared your newsletter on social networks. Just go to reports and statistics, select by send, the newsletter, and there you will see where it says social share, you can click there and get the information. How wonderful it is, isn’t it?



Recycle Bin

Many of you have probably already realized that there is a recycle bin in your Emailbrain account. When we used to inadvertently remove files such as newsletters or mailing lists by mistake, we had to start from scratch again, and previously we could not recover these deleted files.

So when we launched the new version of Emailbrain few months ago, we thought that this was not fair to you, and we decided to create a recycle bin. Everything you delete as your images, newsletters, databases and mailing lists will be stored in the Recycle Bin.

 Note that your deleted information does not remain there forever, every Sunday the content gets removed. So if I delete something by mistake do not hesitate to go to the recycle bin before Sunday.



9 Benefits of Email Marketing

Before talking to you about the topic of the day, I wanted to remind you that we have a competition on Facebook. So I invite you to read more about it to participate and vote for your favorite. Just click here for complete information.

Email Marketing is today's most important online tool  for marketing. According to a study by Forrester, it was concluded that "Email has reached almost universal penetration, close to 97% of consumers, and 94% of marketers are using this channel." Another study by Jupiter Research says "87% of the time consumers spend online, they spend it on reading their emails." Several studies done on email marketing have also shown benefits for businesses.

1. Low Costs. 2.  Able to carry out detailed monitoring of newsletters sent, and thus be able to see the results of the campaign. 3. Easy to use. 4. Efficient management of contacts and creating specific lists. 5. Improved communication with customers. 6. Help increase sales. 7. Increased number of potential customers. 8. No limits on the amount of information put in your newsletter. 9. A medium totally direct.


Yahoo / Spam

Today, I want to talk about how Yahoo handles spam, and how does this affect the sender when sending an email marketing campaign.

Yahoo is one of the largest email providers in the world, with over 300 million users globally. So this company must take strict measures for its service to remain being the best and not creating problems for their users, they usually generate several situations that affect the reputation of the senders. Please keep this in mind the following points when you are going to send your newsletter, so that your emails are not blocked and you do not get fame of being a spammer. • Unexpected increases in the volume of emails from specific IP address. This can be considered a spam attack. • A high number of emails sent directly to the trash without being opened. • The campaigns should always be sent with the same email address. • A high percentage of users clicking the spam button to an email received. • Use a customized subject line, for example, put the name of the client. This can be considered as spam because most spammers use it as art.



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