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If all you have is the email address of your client, and you would like to add fields to your subscription form, you can do so, that way, when your clients click on "Update Profile" on the footer of your email, or in the subscription form in your website, you can certainly have them update their profile with more information. You can add many fields including topic of interest, that way they can choose from a variety of topics  that you offer them.

There is nothing that clients hate more than to constantly receive information on themes that they are not interested. That is why it is so important to get to know your clients preferences.

If you send information to your clients, and they are not interested in receiving regarding that subject, chances are they will lose interest in your company, and one day not too far, they will completely stop opening your emails, that is why it is so important to segment your clients by  their topics of interest.

You will see that your clients response rate increases when the information you send them actually matches what they said they were expecting to receive from you, in the subscription form, or even in their profile.


Emailbrain's Tips of the Day

Thank you so much for all the great feedback we have received, since the launch of the new site. Thanks to all who made comments on the last blog, in regards the The New Renovated Emailbrain.

As you know, Emailbrain has its own Facebook page. Our page includes daily Email Marketing Tips. Let me share some of the 10 most recent ones with you:


1. After sending your campaign, you will likely receive some unsubscribe requests. Make sure you identify these people and suppress them from any future mailings. It is also a good idea to send a confirmation message that they were removed from your email list.

2. With so many people being able to check their emails on their mobile devices, it is a good idea to include a plain text version of every message, this way, eliminating problems with those subscribers with mobile email applications that do not support HTML.

3. When creating your email newsletter try to avoid audio, video and Flash. This kind of files take forever to load, won't display, or won't display properly without a permission. Keep images manageable, and make sure that they will display properly. An option If you want recipients to check out a video or audio clip, is provide a link to it or to a landing page instead of embedding a file.

4. When revising your email database try not to eliminate those email addresses that have bounced once or twice. An email can bounce for many different reasons, you should wait to see if the address bounces more than once before scrubbing it from your list.

5. When creating your subject line, try and specify a benefit that the subscriber can expect by reading your email. This will increase the chances of your email not being erased.

6. Take personalization a step further by adding contact details in your emails. You can try with the name of the last product that person purchased, the last service you provided, or an event they recently attended. Emails with more "personal" information are more successful.

7. If you send regular emails to your subscribers, make sure that it is sent on the same day, at the same time. This way your subscribers will come to expect your email to arrive in their inbox on the same day at the same time every week, meaning that they want to read your content and are generally more receptive to any special offers or promotions you may include.

8. When creating your campaign If you can't decide whether you should publish your newsletter as HTML or plain text, it is a good idea to do both and then let your recipients decide individually which one they prefer to receive.

9. When creating your email marketing campaign, always remember to start by offering your best promotion, or most interesting content, and move less important/more boring content to the bottom. This way more of your readers will engage on the campaign and spend more time reading it.

10. Try to get more subscribers to your newsletter by using sweepstakes, however, remember to use prizes compatible with your target group to attract subscribers that truly are interested in getting your emails.

Please visit our Facebook page, for all new upcoming information relating Emailbrain.

Have a wonderful week, you guys deserve it!! :)


The New and Renovated Emailbrain!



Dear Valuable Customer,   Times change, and with the changing times, new expectations are set for design and interactivity. That is why Emailbrain is excited to announce the launch of the next generation web site for The site?s new look and feel is fresher and easier to use. This product is the result of one year of synchronized hard work done by our team in analyzing and designing the concept.

You will see that the homepage changed significantly and your account will have new interface and editor. We have also changed the navigation structure in your account to make it easier to navigate between the different site menus. Click on main menu and you will see all its sub-menus listed below it. This will make it easier for you to navigate between main and sub-menus.

You will still use the top tabs to move between Express, Advanced and SMS / Texting.

We have changed the Basic Mode into an Express mode for users who want to quickly plan a simple campaign. As a result we have added a simple address book to Basic Mode and have added our Report and Statistics module. To use the most sophisticated features allowed in Emailbrain you will continue using the advanced mode. This mode contains publishing features, such as RSS feeds, microsites, and the ability to access the full power of the customizable datasets that Emailbrain offers its users.

The advanced homepage contains a new statistic counsel that will give you snapshot overviews of your account's subscription rates, the response rates of your last send over time and a comparison of your open and click through rates with those of the greater Emailbrain community.

You will also find new characteristics like:

* Drag and drop editor * Segmentation * SMS Stats * Report and Statistics with more information.

We hope that you find the new interface intuitive and user friendly. Remember our support team is only a chat away if you have any questions.       The Emailbrain Team Emailbrain Inc. Toll-free: (866) 873 3019 Phone: (302) 351 4418 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Have you been wanting to purchase a list?

You should pay close attention to today's blog. It is really important that you adhere to these simple rules.

Some companies think about buying lists to easily make an impact on their number of recipients in a quick and easy manner. Generally, when companies try to sell you a list, they tell you that the list is so good, and that it will help your company so much, but in reality, it will only mess up the reputation of your company. As a consequence, your emails instead of reaching the inbox, they will start going into the bulk email folder.

People who do not know you will not like your emails, and as a consequence, will mark you as spam. Purchased lists are also full of Spam Traps ( which are email addresses that Internet Service Providers create to confirm that you are a spammer using purchased lists), which will make you look like a top spammer if you send to those. Also, they will contain many invalid email addresses with invalid domains, or email addresses that never even existed.

The best way to grow your list is by using the subscription form that we provide to you, when you get an account with Emailbrain. This will truly grow your list, and it will not be fake growth, in which you think your recipients are growing but in reality, people are simply getting upset with your company, if you send unsolicited emails.


How to have all your Internet marketing related to all that you do.

It  is really crucial that you are consistent with your brand and your style. That is a good way that clients will get to know you. It is important that your website, your newsletter, your blogs, and even your direct mail have the same style. Many of your clients might read your blog but not visit your website, or may go to your facebook account, but may not read your blog. It is important that you have uniformity in the way your present your company towards the public and towards your clients.

The different ways people can connect to you in different ways is by:

If you provide them several ways to reach your subscription Form:

 Put a subscription form in your website

-In order to do this you can get the code that Emailbrain easily generates for you and put it in your website, or you can even place the sign up page in Facebook, or you can ask people for their email addresses when they are going to interact with your company, when they are going to purchase something ( always put the option whether they wish to be on your list or not) so you can make sure that it is opt in.

 Use social Media

-You may use Facebook, twitter to have your friends promote for you. They can invite your friends, and you can exchange them that with a reward or any type of incentive.


How to create the appropriate content of your Newsletter

Special Greetings to  all of our Blog Readers...Today's Blog will be based on: How to create the appropriate content of your Newsletter

You must dedicate a lot of time on building your newsletters content. In order for your email marketing efforts to be effective, you must be very consistent. So what is the easiest and fastest way to build your email marketing content?

1. Keep it short and simple- It is better to create a newsletter that captures your recipient's attention, and it does not necessarily have to be long. It is ok to to search information on the internet on the topic you want to talk about and expose yourself to more ideas and facts. (Always mention the source where you gathered the information from, and you can always add your personal thoughts to it).

2. Always create a brief draft- in order to keep your key ideas alive, make sure you make an outline with the important things that you do not want to forget later on. Once you have an outline, it is very easy to come up with the whole newsletter or blog posting.

3. It is important to talk about the industry in general as well as your company too. Many companies focus on talking at all times on their company rather than the industry, and it is ok to talk about your company, but you should always add as a complement tips and facts on the trends and direction that the industry is going, that will engage the reader even more.

4. Use email marketing as a bridge to your old communications or postings,.It is ok to write a blog on different things such as  your old articles, your old blogs, and even link your new newsletters from things that you previously used. The idea is to get your information exposed to your clients in many different ways, so that way your information will reach them faster.


Different types of Newsletters

Today, I would like to talk about the different types of newsletters there are:

1. Informative Newsletters: This is the most common type of newsletters, in which you fill out a template, and replace its content every week, every 2 weeks, or every month.

2. Invitations: This will be used to invite your contacts to your events, such as companies parties, fairs, tradeshows.

3 Press releases: You can use them to contact the media to inform them of recent developments that have occurred or the big launch that your company will have.

 4. Coupons: You can send them the coupon discount information that you have at the moment or the great offer that there will be. This way you can motivate them to buy more.

5. Surveys: You can create a newsletter just making a survey to your customers to know their thoughts on a new product, on your company, on the  needs that their company has or just the interest that they have on your company.

6. Catalog: Here you would send the complete information of your products. They will be able to find photos, descriptions, and in many cases the price of the product they are interested in. The idea is to try to make your catalog creative, easy to see, understand and interact, and this way your customers can navigate easily between product and product. Remember, here's where the money is made, so the easier it is to use and understand the better it is.

So now each of you will decide when is the best opportunity to use each of these methods, or simply stay with the traditional send your newsletter and go.


Interact with you Subscribers

When you send out your campaign, you think that you send it, promote your business, and then your clients will contact you to buy from you. But in reality, it does not work that way, you could actually interact with your clients, and have them click on a button to reply to you, no matter how far they are from you.

I strongly recommend that you stay in touch with your clients, ask them to contact your sales representatives or even you directly, if they have any questions or inquiries. This way they will know that they can count on your company, if they need assistance, and they will be delighted to know that your company is  there to assist them at any time.

Send them surveys, and this way you can interact with them, and know what your clients think, not only about your products but also in regards to your newsletters. You can create a section on your newsletter, where you can put this results, and that way keep them updated.


The best time to send out your newsletters

Based on our experience, and on our client's experiences, the best days to send out your newsletters are Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Why? Let me explain:

Mondays people are just coming back from the weekend, and they probably have lots of emails to check, so they will only read the really important ones and eliminate the rest. Thursdays people are in a rush to turn-in reports, or important things that are due at the end of the week. Lastly, Fridays everyone will want to rest of  a really hard week, and are anxiously waiting for the weekend.

When is the best time to send out your emails? According to Matt O' Laughlin, Marketing Business Analyst Act LLC, it shows that the best time to send out the emails is between 8am and 9am. In the studies that he made, it showed the majority of the clicks were made that timeframe.

You can see when the best time to send it is for you. Simply look at the statistics that have and compare which days you have sent out, and at what times you have been sent. That way you will be able to see when the best results are.



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