Use a Template for your Newsletter

You may think it is logical to use a template for my newsletters, but believe it or not there are still people who do not use it and believe that with using a background color is enough. But I got a few reasons why you should use a template in their email marketing campaigns.

 • Your customers will appreciate your newsletter.

• Give organization and professionalism to their newsletter.

• When editing your newsletter every week / every other week / month will be much easier and faster editing.

Finally, I would advice to have a standard template to use most of the time, but also have some alterative templates for special occasions and show a little creativity and customization. 

• Your customers will know what to expect.

• Give organization and professionalism to their newsletter.

• When editing your newsletter every week / every other week / month will be much easier and faster editing.

Finally, I would advice to have a standard template to use most of the time, but also have some alterative templates for special occasions and show a little creativity and customization


Valentine's Day Super Sale

I hope all our blog followers are having a great day.

Today, I simply would like to share with you our St. Valentines promotions. I hope you can all take advantage of them.

Remember, if you are a paying account,  click where it says: "Paying Accounts Click Here", and if you are a trial user user, click where it says: "Trial Accounts Cliack here":

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Videos and Flash Files

I hope all of you had an awesome week.

Today, I want to talk a bit about the videos and Flash files, because many of you ask us why they look good in Emailbrain and when they receive the bulletin, they do not look ok.

 Our editor allows you to place a variety of visual objects, such as flash files, videos, and animated GIFs, as well as a variety of images, but you should always keep in mind that many email providers do not display flash or videos for safety. In this case, Emailbrain can not do anything about it because there are safety standards that email providers have. Some of these email providers are Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, Lotus and AOL among others. So I recommend as an alternative, to link your newsletters and a video or flash on the internet. For example, you can type in your newsletter:

To view our instructional video please click here. or Want to see how is it done? Click the link to view the video.

So what you can do is put a screenshot of your video and just link it with the video image. For example: Click to view the video (will open a web page).



This way you can be sure that your readers can see the video or Flash file.



Tools to improve your Marketing Campaigns

I really hope you are having a great week so far. It is unbelievable how fast January past by.

With the tips included in this blog,   you can take advantage of your marketing campaigns, especially in this 2010 that is so competitive for all email marketers:

It is really important to get familiar with Social marketing, as it allows you not only to reach your email file but also many other Social Media Networks that may create a revenue for your company such as Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress, Blogger, Embed. Only marketers that are not updated with the latest technologies and latest tendencies, will not pursue to get the best ROI possible by using this medium of marketing.

As I have said I have said the past, going back where we first started: Let's be real, if you have an extremely low open rate (Lets say a 5%), making a beautiful newsletter, will not make it any better, you will have to definitely go back and see what was done wrong. Are you using a clean list? Are you using the correct strategy to attain the attention of your recipients? It is very important not to fool yourself, and to think that because you are going to change the design of your newsletter your open rate will go from 5% to 20%. Make sure you know that the design matters, of course that it matters, but also keep in mind if you do not have an adequate open rate you need to go back to basics, and see what went wrong.

Increase the quality of your emails, but not the quantity. I have seen lately many Email marketers who are putting all the effort on sending more and more campaigns. I have also gotten feedback from many recipients that they do not like to receive so many emails in their inbox. The solution? Condense the emails into a maximum of one per week, and go straight to the point, put yourself in the shoes of the recipients, if your inbox is full of advertising and promotions, or even educative information, you will not be very happy, and will probably end up deleting everything. Make sure to send the correct amount of emails, and focus on the quality of the email.

 Make yourself a calendar-- Remember the quote by -- Stella Terrill Mann "Desire, ask, believe, receive." - It completely applies for your marketing efforts as well. it is very important to visualize your marketing plans and campaigns in 2010. That is why I advice you to create a calendar with all your marketing campaigns for this year. Even though that many things come up at the last minute , it will be of great help if you have all your campaigns visualized, and you visualize it through the year chances are that you will receive the revenue you are waiting for.


Two tips that should be considered

What to do to help the chances of getting emails opened.

From name: The first thing that you should take into consideration, when you really want the most people possible to open your emails is to keep in mind that it is always important that  your clients recognize the "from name" of where you are sending you email from. If your recipients does not recognize the from address, they will tend to erase that email.

By the contrary if they do recognize chances of them opening increase.

From Address: Also, it is very crucial that you make sure that your from address is not only an email address, but also it labels the actual name of the from the company or person.

 To summarize the From name and the From address, are a factor of decision on who opens your email and who doesn't.


How to differentiate a Proper Subject line with one that should be avoided!

The first things that email filters look at when you are going to send out an email, is the content of the subject line, if they find words they considered to be spammy, they will sure block your emails.

Every time you are going to send out a blast you have to consider the fact that the subject line is not only the first thing your recipient will see, but also, it is one of the most important factors that will decide if they will open what you are sending to them, or if they will not.

Good subject lines have to be simple, clear and to the point. If the recipient is interested in what you are sending them, they will be very happy if your subject line directs them to what the email will be about.

Always make sure that when trying to sell a product, you do not make your recipients feel pressured. That way they will not even want to open your emails.

A subject line that should be avoided is one that makes the recipient feel that they are being pushed to buy something. Recipients should always feel that they have different options, and they should feel that you are informing them but not obligating you to buy anything.

Avoid exclamation signs, they tend to make recipients feel that they are being pushed to buy something. Avoid ALL CAPITAL letters, it makes clients feel that you are screaming at them. A good subject line should never be caught by spam filters that is why it is also wise to avoid words such as free, mortgage, money, viagra.

Always read the subject line before sending out  the email and make sure it sounds good and appropriate.


Are you afraid that your clients will click on the "Report spam button"?

I really hope had an awesome working week.

In our last blog Gustavo  asks what happens if the client decides not to receive that specific promotion and unsubscribes  to that list does it mean that he will not receive any of my promotions at all. How does this work? Basically when a client unsubscribes they are asked from which list of all they are unsubscribed to, they wish to unsubscribe. And, if they are only subscribed to that one list, it will only unsubscribe them from that one so you should not worry about that.

Also Hammad, the reason why you are getting lower rate is because your clients do not identify you. I strongly suggest that you keep the from line the same.

Going to today's theme:

 In the email Email marketing industry there is nothing scarier than having a recipients of yours clicking on your "report spam" link.  It must really feel bad for someone who took the time to create the design of the newsletter, to create the content , and think about every single detail that a newsletter involves.

 You must ask yourself, why doesn't  the client click on the unsubscribe link rather than clicking on Report as Spam link. The way recipients think is that by clicking on the recipient's unsubscribe Link, they are actually confirming the sender that the email address is actually valid.

It is necessary to take the following measures in order to avoid your client clicking in the "Report as Spam Link":

- Make sure it is easy for your client to unsubscribe. As soon as a recipients of yours unsubscribe, make sure to take him/her out of the list. If not, they will then complaint, and it will be worse. And what is the point of leaving them on your list, if they are not interested in what you are sending them.

- Make sure to reinforce the option to unsubscribe by placing a unsubscribe header at the top of your newsletter:

 This option is already enabled for you when using Emailbrain.  Simply go to your account, click on Set up Options, click on the Settings Tab, and check the option to place a unsubscribe header as well. Make sure you save it too.

- Never, never send to anyone that has not requested to receive emails from you.

-Do not send to very old lists, and make sure you are consistent with how often you send out your emails.

-The subject line should clearly reflect what the newsletter is going to be about.

-Keep in mind that the more appealing your newsletter is the less your clients will want to unsubscribe.


Important Tips for Creating Successful Newsletters:

Email Marketers are always trying to improve and come up with new ideas to create better emails. The problem is if in order to accomplish this they have to leave behind things that matter the most such as:

- Always have the most important part of the content written, that way if image blocking occurs, the content of the email still makes sense.

- Always design your newsletter so it can be seen from a mobile device- Nowadays people are reading messages from their mobile devices  more than they used to, and because of this new tendency, we must adapt to what our clients need.

- Find a mechanism for people to easily find the unsubscribe button, however, make them wish not to ever unsubscribe from your newsletters. Ask for preferences when you are building your list, and that way what can specifically ask clients what segment of the information you can offer them would be best.

-Always design your newsletter so it fits in a preview mode- Most clients do not really open the newsletter, when they have a chance to look at it in the preview mode (By the way, that is a reason why your open rate can look lower than it actually is)

-Make it easy for your recipients to understand what the message that you are trying to transmit is, not only on the graphics and the text but also make it easy for the to click if you wish them to click on a specific link.

-The subject line- It should clearly transmit what the content of the newsletter is going to be about. It should be less than 25 characters so it can fit mobile devices and all email service providers.

 The From Address- It should be recognized by your recipients. That way, people will not delete your emails simply because they do not recognize who it is coming from.

 As a conclusion, we can see that the more you stick to general rules of email marketing, the better performance, and better results you will get.


Permission Marketing: The way to go in Email Marketing!

First of all, Emailbrain would like to give condolences to all the people in Haiti. Emailbrain shares all the pain and suffereing of the Haitian community and we are joing withem in our prayers.

Please join Emailbrain in the cause to aid those in need in Haiti after this catastrophe, for every dollar that you donate to the Red Cross we will give you 100 emailbrain credits. For expample, if you donate $50, we will give you  5000 Emailbrain Non- expiring Credits.

You simply have to email us your recepit to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , from The Red Cross with your Emailbrain username and we will give you your corresponding credits. Let's all try to give a hand out to the ones that need your hand :)

Make sure to donate before January 31st, 2010, so we can credit your account.

 Today's blog will be in regards to Permission Based Email Marketing. Here are some tips to help you accomplish Permission Marketing:

- Offer additional value to your clients by giving them something in return when they give you permission.

- Make sure that your clients really gave you permission and not simply that they bought one of your products and you mistakenly considered that permission, in other words make sure that the permission is really happening.

- Make sure that your website has  a permission-oriented design. So your clients feel free to subscribe to your list, anytime they are navigating on your website.

- Assign one person from your Marketing team, to control, measure and make sure permission  marketing is functioning well when you are gathering recipients for your lists.

- In all your communications, always give your recipient a chance to respond, that way you can build a better communication with them.



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