EmailBrain's automation tools are designed to help you streamline your campaigns and save time with scheduled sends!

Sync your Outlook contacts

Sync your Outlook Contacts

Synchronize your EmailBrain contacts with Outlook or vice-versa with our plug-in. Keep your added or changed contacts in Outlook or automatically synced with EmailBrain.  Configure frequency of sync and the target dataset/mailing list to sync to.



Schedule emails sends triggered by a seasonal event (e.g. birthdays, anniversaries, fairs), or by a certain action performed by the subscriber (such as clicking on a link or subscribing to a newsletter). Then track autoresponders via EmailBrain's thorough reports.

Anniversary triggers

Anniversary Triggers

Seasonal messages, payment reminders, and other recurrent events can be set to trigger the send on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis. Personalize your campaign by sending happy birthday messages to your client so they double in value as reminders that you are a reliable provider!

Schedule triggers

Schedule Triggers

Schedule your email sends: set a specific time and date. This is an awesome feature when you have to program recurring monthly sends, such as service invoices. If you schedule your send for 9am on the first of every month, for instance, EmailBrain will blast them off on that date at 9am sharp.

Email-open follow-up triggers

Email-open Follow-up Triggers

Send an automated follow-up email as soon as a subscriber opens your email. This is a wonderful feature to use when you send a series of emails to introduce a new service or product.

Link-click autoresponder triggers

Link-click Autoresponder Triggers

Send additional information about a product as soon as someone clicks on its link in your email. Link-click autoresponders are prompted when someone clicks on a link included in your email.

Subscribe autoresponder triggers

Subscribe Autoresponder Triggers

As soon as a reader clicks on the "subscribe now" link in your email, autoresponders can automatically send them a follow-up confirmation, thank you, or welcome email related to the original message.

Unsubscribe autoresponder triggers

Unsubscribe Autoresponder Triggers

When someone unsubscribes from your email newsletter, autoresponders can follow-up automatically with a confirmation email letting them know they have been successfully unsubscribed.

Segment your subscribers

Segment your Subscribers

You can profile subscribers according to a set of common denominators.
The EmailBrain segmentation tool allows you to target a segmented group of clients who share a specific profile element.

Email Sweep/ Email harvest

Email Sweep/ Email Harvest

Import email addresses from your Yahoo email accounts.

Capture profile information via your subscription form

Capture Profile Information Via your
Subscription Form

Capture vital profile information from new subscribers by adding compulsory fields to your subscription form. This is very useful if you plan to send segment-targeted messages.

Schedule your Sends

Schedule your Sends

Schedule the sending time for your newsletter. Set a defined time in the future for a once-off send or schedule a recurring send to go out at the same time ever day, week, or month. Scheduled sends for your existing newsletters (i.e. for once-off sends) or from a particular web page (i.e. for recurring sends).

Automated List Management

EmailBrain automatically removes email subscribers that have unsubscribed from your campaigns. Anybody who has clicked on "spam" when receiving your email is also removed and added to a block list so you won't send to them again.

Personalize your campaign

Personalize your Campaign

Any field from your subscriber datasets can be included in your message subject line or email body for powerful personalization. You can even personalize the "From" field if you are sending on behalf of a specific group.

Scale your sends

Scale your Sends

EmailBrain can handle both small and large volumes of sending, so you can program your email campaigns and newsletter sends either for a few hundred or several thousand recipients.

Multiple list sends

Multiple List Sends

If your email recipients are organized into multiple lists, it´s no problem for our list management system. You can send the same campaign to any selected lists without duplication. EmailBrain will automatically remove duplicate entries and then send to all lists simultaneously.


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