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Get the best out of your email marketing campaign! Integrate your EmailBrain reports with Google Analytics, send A/B tests, and use Inbox Preview to see how your newsletters will appear on different email clients.

A/B Split testing

A/B Split Testing

A/B split testing is a tool that tells you which email newsletters are the most effective. Create and test up to 5 subject lines or 5 email variations to see which works best for your subscribers.
EmailBrain will select a test group for you, run the test, analyze the results and then automatically select and send the best one! It just takes a few minutes to set up this feature and the benefits are immediate.

See our A/B Split testing video

Integration with Google Analytics

Integration with Google Analytics

The Google Analytics graph and reporting tool provides EmailBrain with data about the performance of your email newsletter campaign. By integrating this tool, EmailBrain can analyze the type of Google traffic that each one of your campaigns generates.

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Target your campaign

Target your Campaign

EmailBrain's segmentation tool allows for targeted email campaigns. Build targeted mailing lists (define, collect, and store up to 25 contact attributes) and use EmailBrain's segmentation tool for your targeted email campaigns.

Targeted lists

Targeted Lists

Build a targeted list for your next mailing by either building a contact query or using an existing one to filter contact data.

Segmented lists

Segmented Lists

You can segment your mailing lists according to the specific contact attributes that you select. This allows for highly targeted email campaigns with powerful results.

Send to multiple lists

Define Link Names /Name your Links

With EmailBrain's advanced features package, you can name links in the editor which will be displayed in the Reports section with the link name rather than the URL. This is a useful feature that makes it easier to differentiate between very similar links when analyzing and interpreting stats.

Newsletter Comments

Inbox Preview

With EmailBrain, you can be sure that your emails will display correctly. The Inbox Preview feature enables you to preview your email newsletter in the most popular email and webmail clients, like Hotmail, Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo!, Lotus Notes, Thunderbird and more. Your recipients will view your emails as you intended, no matter which email client they use.

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