The objective of email marketing is to successfully deliver your message to your recipient's inbox. EmailBrain gives you multiple delivery channels to choose from: email, text/SMS, microsites, and RSS feeds. You have the option of publishing your eflyers and newsletters to an RSS feed or sending an RSS to multiple email accounts.

Send personalized welcome emails

Send Personalized Welcome Emails

'Welcome' emails can double as follow-up communication. Personalize welcome auto-reply emails with a branded welcoming message and signature. Build strong relationships with your subscribers to ensure that they will open your mails.



You can re-purpose (or "syndicate") your email content via a second medium, an RSS feed, to strengthen your email-marketing strategy. An RSS provides an additional route to deliver your message to your target audience.



A microsite –basically a mini-site—is the ideal location for your newsletter archive. Here you cannot only archive your information, but also provide one more point of access for search engines.

Send to multiple lists

Send to Multiple Lists

Send your newsletter and other mailings to multiple lists. EmailBrain makes it easy: You simply select the lists you would like to send your newsletter to and EmailBrain adds them to a preview window for selected lists. The lists you select are then merged, with any duplicates filtered out, and sent to in one click.

Newsletter Comments

Newsletter Comments

EmailBrain's online comments tools are great for getting feedback on your newsletters. The "comment" link in the footer of your newsletter takes the subscriber to an online-hosted version of the publication. Subscribers can post their comments there, and anyone who views your newsletter can respond to these comments.


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