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A/B Split Testing

Before sending your campaign, create and test up to 5 subject lines or 5 email variations to see which is the most effective for your audience. EmailBrain will select a test group, run the test, analyze the results and then automatically select the best result to send. It takes only minutes to set up!

Enable double opt-in

Enable Double Opt-in

Include a very convenient double opt-in feature on your subscription form. When someone subscribes to your newsletter they will receive a generic email instructing them to click on a given link to confirm their subscription.

SPAM compliance

SPAM Compliance

EmailBrain counteracts spam by encouraging the use of opt-in (better yet, double opt-in) permission-based email marketing. We also maintain feedback loops and white list status with top ISPs to ensure compliance with the US CAN-SPAM standard and the EU Privacy Directive.

Create and add a sign up form

Create and Add a Sign up Form

You don't need to be a programmer. At EmailBrain we can custom-generate code for your subscription form. The code can then be used on your website to embed a subscription form, design a 'quick subscribe' button, or create a light box. EmailBrain can seamlessly integrate both forms and fields into your site.

Customize your subscription form

Customize your Subscription Form

EmailBrain provides a subscription form builder that allows you to choose the contact details you want to capture on your form. Validation and 'required' fields can be added to your sign-up form. You decide which subscriber information fields you want to make 'mandatory' or 'required'.

Manage subscriber profile

Manage Subscriber Profile

Subscribers can use their EmailBrain subscription forms to manage their profile. The contact name, email address and subscription preferences fields are editable.

Subscribe and Unsubscribe Options

Subscribe and Unsubscribe Options

With EmailBrain, you choose the way recipients unsubscribe from your email campaign. Subscribers can unsubscribe immediately with a single click, or you can direct them to your subscription form.

We keep your Addresses clean

We Keep your Addresses Clean

EmailBrain helps you keep your address lists clean. EmailBrain's tracking and reporting tools track your delivery rates and automatically exclude any 'user unknown' addresses from future sends. Our stats show you the email address for every single email that couldn't be delivered. You can then take appropriate action for future sends.

Move, copy, delete and edit contacts / Manage your lists

Move, Copy, Delete and Edit Contacts / Manage your Lists

When you want to take your data elsewhere, EmailBrain makes it easy. An import / export wizard makes importing and exporting text or Excel files a breeze. We also provide our API and XML channels for moving data back and forth between EmailBrain and other applications. EmailBrain supports several methods for synchronizing your data.

Block List

Block List

When any user unsubscribes from your newsletter, that user will automatically be added to a block list in your EmailBrain account. If you want to work manually, you can add the email addresses to the block list manually. If you want to import an entire list of email addresses to block, you can do that, too. You see, EmailBrain is all about being thorough, flexible, and making your job easier!

Opt-in email marketing

Opt-in Email Marketing

EmailBrain encourages opt-in email marketing, also known as permission-based email. Once you have created your opt-in email list, it is not necessary to send out emails asking people to re-opt in. It is an industry best practice, however, to use a double opt-in process for email acquisition. EmailBrain offers you this ability with a single click.

HTML and text sends

HTML and Text Sends

EmailBrain handles a variety of email formats and programs. It is MIME-compliant, auto-senses mail client preferences, and delivers your message accordingly in Text or HTML format.

Private and secure

Private and Secure

EmailBrain is audited and certified by TrustE and is also EU Safe Harbor compliant. This ensures that your email addresses and client contact details are secure with us. EmailBrain's TrustE-audited Privacy Policies strictly preclude us legally from sharing your personal data with any third party.

Send via secure servers

Send Via Secure Servers

EmailBrain's servers are hosted at a SAS 70 Type II certified data center in the USA with redundant power and HVAC systems in place. This data center provides Multiple-Layer network security, firewalling, backup, multi-tier, redundant high-speed network connections, and a 100% uptime guarantee.

Reliable delivery

Reliable Delivery

EmailBrain's reliable—and scalable, for growth— server infrastructure ensures timely message delivery regardless of volume or time of day. EmailBrain is an accredited member of ReturnPath.


A dedicated team

A Dedicated Team

EmailBrain's dedicated delivery team ensures that your messages are monitored and delivered 24/7.

Solid ISP relations

Solid ISP Relations

EmailBrain holds a white list status with top ISPs including AOL, MSN/Hotmail, Yahoo, and Comcast. This status is earned through relationships cultivated by the EmailBrain deliverability team members. SPF records are published on all domains and can accommodate SenderID and SPF publishing on your server.

CAN-SPAM compliance

CAN-SPAM Compliance

Your carefully crafted email marketing campaigns are an opportunity for success only if you follow permission-based and/or opt-in email marketing guidelines. We ensure compliance with US CAN-SPAM standards and the EU Privacy Directive.

Keep your SPAM score on check

Keep your SPAM Score on Check

EmailBrain uses Spam Assassin's SPAM scoring service to gauge the likelihood of your email being detected by spam filters at server level. The service provides an estimate score and suggestions for improvement.

Report abuse with feedback loops

Report Abuse With Feedback Loops

EmailBrain utilizes an ISP feedback loop, which allows you to see who has clicked ‘Report Spam’ at a particular ISP.

Segmented IP for spammers

Segmented IP

EmailBrain segments clients according to their complaint rates. Those with a history of responsible list management, low abuse complaints, low unsubscribe and low bounce rates, will benefit from higher delivery rates than those that do not.

Email Authentication

Email Authentication

As Internet usage throughout the world increases, so does the need for email authentication. EmailBrain is well aware of this need and has implemented a number of email authentication technologies, such as SPF and DKIM, to further combat spam.
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