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EmailBrain offers some of the most advanced tracking & reporting functions in the industry. You get accurate email reports with graphs for each newsletter send in your email campaign. Reports provide a high-level overview of your email campaign results with added details on individual recipients and how they reacted to your campaign. Monitor opens, click-throughs, and unsubscribe rates. Learn from your results and become an email expert.

Full activity reports

Full Activity Reports

EmailBrain gives you free full-activity reports. These tell you the number of emails delivered and the number of those that were not, and why. Get highly detailed open, click thorough and unsubscribe rate stats, right down to an individual email addresses.

Send activity reports

Send Activity Reports

Our send activity reports show you which addresses received your message and tell you why others did not. These reports also point out who has actually opened your HTML email and how many times the links within your newsletter have been clicked.

List activity reports<

List Activity Reports

These reports show all recipients added or removed from your list, the number of hard bounces on your list, which recipients have opened or not opened your sends, and those who have yet to confirm their subscription.

Click tracking

Click Tracking

Verify how many subscribers have clicked on your links, which links they clicked on, and who clicked on your links. See all these details at the individual addresses level.

Delivery tracking

Delivery Tracking

For every email you send, EmailBrain tells you how many of your emails were delivered and, if any were not, why not —a bad address, the subscriber's inbox is full or it was blocked as spam.

Delivery over time

Delivery Over Time

EmailBrain's reports also show you the open rate of a campaign. We help you monitor your list growth over time, by providing you with subscribe and unsubscribe rates, including details for individual subscribersí email addresses.

Bounced / undelivered emails

Bounced / Undelivered Emails

EmailBrain's contact activity reports allow you to check the statistics related to delivered, bounced, opened and not opened emails for a particular recipient in your list.

Complaints reporting

Complaints Reporting

EmailBrain uses an ISP feedback loop to ensure that all your mail continues to be delivered at larger ISPs. A feedback loop allows you to view who has clicked on 'Report Spam' at a particular ISP. By default, EmailBrain will automatically block any recipient in your list that clicks 'Report Spam'.

Viral tracking report analysis

Viral Tracking Report Analysis

EmailBrain segments clients based upon their complaint rates. A history of responsible list management, low unsubscribe rates, low abuse complaint rates, and low bounce rates will translate into higher delivery rates. If this is not the case, you may be entitled to request your own dedicated IP address for sending.

Access, compare and export graphs and data

Access, Compare and Export Graphs and Data

EmailBrain graphs compare the subscribe and unsubscribe rates across your various sends. They also compare open and click rates for each specific send. Your newsletter Reports are available via per send, per mailing list, or per recipient. Your Reports data can be exported into an Excel spreadsheet, .csv file, or PDF format for further use.


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