Non-Profit Organizations


We understand that you do not have the Email Marketing budget of large companies. We also understand that your message is your raison d'etre. We want to help you migrate from print newsletters to email, using our bulk email system, because this will reduce your cost and help magnify your overall effort to communicate with your patrons and membership base.

Credits per Year
US $ per Year
     24,000 - $ 53.73
     60,000 - $ 107.73
   120,000 - $ 161.73
   240,000 - $ 323.73
   480,000 - $ 593.73
   960,000 - $ 1,133.73
1,200,000 - $ 1,241.73
1,680,000 - $ 1,619.73
2,400,000 - $ 2,267.73
4,800,000 - $ 4,319.73


Our Contribution

When you pre-pay the first six months of any of our different email marketing plans, we will provide you the next six months of such plan at no cost.

The Fee Schedule, including subscriber levels and prices, are subject to change at any time. To Get Started Right Away, Just click here and Sign up now!

Credit card authorization form:
Credit Card Authorization form
Send Credit Card Authorization form by fax at 302-340-2555.

Who Qualifies

If you are a registered not for profit organization, a club or membership organization, then you most likely qualify. You may be asked to forward your 501 (c) (3) or equivalent non profit documentation. Call us for more details.






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