Corporate Edition

Corporate Edition

If your company has multiple departments or offices that need easy access to shared communications resources, then you need the right tools to work in sync.

The EmailBrain Corporate Edition addresses the needs of organizations to easily share mailing lists within an organization and to enforce brand consistency when sending out email newsletters.

Account Management

You will select an administrator who then has the ability to:

  • Add up to a hundred EmailBrain sub accounts for individuals or departments within your organization.
  • Control costs by allocating the amount of monthly credits available to each sub account.
  • Remove outdated accounts when staff leave your organization.
  • Share templates, images, mailing lists and block (do not send) lists across all accounts.

EmailBrain will help you control email communications and enforce brand consistency by:

  • Giving all users within your organization access to shared standard templates for eNewsletters, Invitations and Promotional emails.
  • Giving everyone in your organization access to a shared image library of approved logos and images for use in email communications.


The EmailBrain Corporate Edition includes all the advanced features of the EmailBrain Standard Business Edition plus a unique set of tools to address the needs of organizations.

  • Several Sub Users
  • Access Restrictions
  • Multiple Single Account Set Up
  • User Restrictions
  • Multiple Account List Sharing
  • Multiple Account Template Sharing
  • Sharing
  • Online Help Desk System
  • Phone Support
  • Emarketing Newsletters / Articles
Spam Act Compliance
  • Spam Compliant Systems
  • Hosted in Your Environment
  • Managed Remotely

Customize your accounts

For an extra fee you can customize your account and have your brand on it:
Custom Footer
Gain brand recognition every time you send one of your newsletters, and brand the ‘powered by’ footer with your own company’s logo. This will create company awareness among existing clients and news clients. This option allows you to modify the footer button designs and set the URL of the ‘powered by’ link.
Custom Header
Have the privilege of replacing our header in your siteadmin with your own.  The Header is the logo that is located at the top left hand side corner when you and your sub-accounts log in; brand the header for your main Reseller/Corporate account, which applies to every single one of your sub-accounts.
Masked URL
Have the opportunity of replacing our URL with yours, instead of your clients (sub-accounts) logging in from ( , they will log in from your actual website. We will provide you a login to place on your website, so your clients have the ability to access your email application through your own private gateway.



Bi-annual Credits
US $ per 6 months
  120,000 - $ 323.73
  240,000 - $ 593.73
  480,000 - $ 1,133.73
  600,000 - $ 1,241.73
  840,000 - $ 1,619.73
1,200,000 - $ 2,267.73
2,400,000 - $ 4,319.73

Note: 1 Credit = 1 Email Address

* Free custom template design included.

The Fee Schedule, including subscriber levels and prices, are subject to change at any time.

If you are interested in the EmailBrain Corporate Edition, please fill out the form below and we will contact you shortly to discuss your specific requirements.





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