Let Email Marketing Enhance Your Trade Shows

September through November is typically one of the busiest times of the year for conferences and trade shows. If you are participating in a trade show this fall, here are some thoughts on improving the ROI of your program investment.

Measured simply on the cost to acquire leads, trade shows can be viewed as perhaps a company's most expensive marketing and sales activity. Maximizing this investment is key. By using Email marketing before, during and after a trade show - companies can substantially add to the overall return on their trade show investment.

How Does Email Marketing Support Your Trade Show Efforts?

  • Creates advance awareness of your company and product/services
  • Drives prospects to your booth
  • Enables efficient, coordinated and quick follow up with leads
  • Enables efficient follow up with show attendees that did not visit your booth
  • Generates buzz among customers, prospects, partners and the press that do not attend the trade show
  • Enables and enhances a centralized approach to managing and measuring the success of your trade show lead generation activities

What Does a Typical Trade Show Program Consist Of?

Obviously, every trade show and company's needs surrounding a specific trade show will be unique, however, the following is a sample of a trade show program incorporating Email:

  • Distribution of an Email to trade show registrants (list provided by show organizer) inviting them to stop by the booth, register to win something, demo a product, visit during the "sponsored cocktail time," schedule a private meeting, etc. > Email is typically distributed approximately 3-5 days prior to registrants expected departure for the trade show.
  • Distribution of an Email announcing a new product, product enhancement, company milestones, highlights of a speech given by a company representative at the trade show, etc. This Email in essence leverages your PR activities and press releases, and enables you to generate additional leads and buzz around the trade show by distributing the Email to your customers, prospects, partners, employees and the press. > Email is typically distributed the opening day of the trade show - but is driven by timing of your announcements.
  • Distribution of a targeted Email to each of the prospects that registered or provided their business card at booth. A general follow up Email is developed and sent centrally, but is personalized so as to appear it is coming from individual sales representatives. > The Email is typically distributed within a week of the close of the trade show.
  • Distribution of a follow-up Email to all of the show registrants - encouraging them to call or visit your Web site for more information and to view a demo, announce the winner of the prize, restate the product/service value proposition, promote a time-sensitive special offer, provide a link to a white paper posted on your Web site, etc. > Email is typically distributed within a week of the close of the trade show.

Good luck with your trade show activities and don't forget the golf club giveaways and margarita bar always a big success at trade shows.


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