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EmailBrain is a great tool to keep our name out with our contacts. It is generally easy to use and there are a variety of options to fit any particular business. The cost is very low for the high quality of product that is issued.”Harun Kazmi, Partner


Kazmi & Sakata is the immigration law firm of two U.S. attorneys with solid credentials and proven experience. The firm was established in 2005 in San Diego, California.


The firm’s customer base includes multinational corporations, partnerships, sole proprietorships, entrepreneurs, investors, teachers, students, engineers, architects, scientific researchers, specialty chefs, artists, entertainers, healthcare workers, economists, financial analysts and marketing managers.


Kazmi & Sakata sends out every month an attractive newsletter with ample information and updates on U.S. immigration laws and policies relevant to more than 600 clients and prospects worldwide.


The attorneys at Kazmi & Sakata have represented a vast diversity of clients across worldwide boundaries.  The partners are not only experienced attorneys in their field of practice, but also professionals who understand the value of communication in branding their business. Keeping more than 600 clients and prospects abreast of U.S. immigration law issues that can affect them individually, as a family or in their businesses is a priority for this firm.


A marketing consultant suggested Kazmi & Sakata that the firm used EmailBrain’s permission based email marketing resources to create, publish and distribute via email the company’s newsletter and they have ever since. The law firm found that EmailBrain is a cost effective, easy to use solution to their email marketing and communications needs.


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