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Knowing who actually shows interest in our messages is of extreme value to us. EmailBrain’s reporting tools provide us with this valuable information. Their service is second to none. Louis Puig, President


Miami’s premiere dance club “Club Space”, adopts an effective emarketing strategy with tools that reduce the time used in preparing and launching campaigns and deliver increased control over marketing efforts.


Although Space is an established club with many years in the business and had a well-developed website, it had not yet fully embraced an effective emarketing component. In South Florida’s very competitive nightclub business, every marketing tool must add to the company’s edge.


By using EmailBrain, Space cut in half the time for preparing and launching their email campaigns. Additionally, the club is now able to follow up with a courtesy call to all the recipients who actually open their messages and in eighteen months, their newsletter’s subscriber base has grown from 18,000 to over 50,000 recipients of permission based emailings.


Space is a renowned Miami, Florida night club that focuses on special, festival like events featuring mainly European Star DJs. Their weekly events were mainly promoted through a mix of advertising vehicles -including print ads in trendy newspapers and magazines, weekly flyer campaigns revolving around the week’s events, and direct invitations via telemarketing calls from club staff to a compiled list of actual and prospective clients. Always procuring to be a step ahead of its competitors, Space developed an attractive website a few years ago and, in an effort to capture the attention of the client at the site itself, promotional materials included an invitation to visit the club’s URL to opt-in for special offers, complimentary tickets and VIP passes. All these promotional resources did not always reach the intended recipient, they were prone to many misses and delivered results that the club continued to find unsatisfactory, Space chose to add a desktop email marketing software to their toolset. Soon they found it was time- consuming, complicated to use and equally ineffective at the end.


In early 2004 Space learned about EmailBrain and decided to join as a user. Since then, Space uses EmailBrain to collect customer information and deliver opt in/out invitations to events. They publish an eye catching newsletter using EmailBrain templates that offers an easy the unsubscribe feature. They host their mailing list with EmailBrain and manage multiple sub lists for their general and targeted campaigns. The number of opens increased significantly and the number of subscribers rose almost 300 percent in the past year and a half. Space especially appreciates that they can monitor closely the effectiveness of their campaigns and general emarketing efforts through the reporting and stats features available with EmailBrain.


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