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With EmailBrain we are able to do mass mailings. We can easily customize & change our newsletters. We can send with minimal effort a very professional newsletter to our customer base and know who is opening them... Phillip Matthews, Owner


Raffiné Interiors implements an effective emarketing communications strategy to advance brand awareness, promote and retain customer loyalty, and advertise special events and products.


Raffiné Interiors is an upscale home furnishings and accessories store located in Oklahoma City. Phillip Matthews, an experienced designer with an impressive portfolio of clients and projects, owns the company.


Raffiné Interiors draws on EmailBrain’s comprehensive ecommunications tools and features to develop and launch marketing campaigns, edit and distribute a very well designed enewsletter, and send out new product notices as well as invitations to special events hosted at their store.


Raffiné Interiors has been in business for three years. The store sells upscale home furnishings and accessories, as well as unique gifts, to a portfolio of select clients. Its owner, designer Phillip Matthews, has completed work for the Dupont, the Belmont and the Vanderbilt families; for celebrities like Leonard Bernstein and Dustin Hoffman; and for companies such as Tiffany’s, Revlon, Witt Teller, Estée Lauder and Clinique. He has developed projects in places like Martha’s Vineyard, Scottsdale, Dallas, Palm Springs, Washington, New York, Middleburg (Virginia) and Tulsa, as well as locally in Tulsa and Oklahoma City. On a regular basis, Raffiné hosts special events, displaying and selling the work of local artists and crafters. The company was exploring the advantages of the Web and seeking to devise an effective way to promote the store while cultivating their relationship with a very loyal and exclusive customer base, growing their client portfolio, and advertising new offerings and special events.


The company made contact with EmailBrain and tested its emarketing communications tools two years ago, when it was developing its website . Since then, EmailBrain provides Raffiné with the email marketing tools and services it needs to create, edit and send monthly newsletters, and also to produce and distribute invitations to special events every two or three months. Additionally, EmailBrain gives Raffiné the tools and support it needs to manage and maintain its emailing lists and produces reports and stats that the company can use to evaluate the effectiveness of its email marketing efforts.


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