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Keeping clients and business associates informed about any changes in industry standards and regulations is a fundamental component to our business. EmailBrain adds to Avisena’s edge by allowing us to accomplish this in a manner that is not only timely, but also very targeted, attractive and effective. Albert Santalo, President & CEO


Avisena calls for epublishing and evaluation tools, and features to carry out ecommunications strategies designed for clients, shareholders, investors and staff.  In addition, the company required a method to quickly identify and follow up on business opportunities generated by their Web presence.


Avisena was established in 2002. This successful, dynamic, full service company assists healthcare organizations and practices with their scheduling, billing and collections needs via advanced technology that streamlines front and back office processes. They focus on the collection of payments from health insurance companies.


With the use of EmailBrain features and services, Avisena produces and distributes attractive, branded monthly enewsletters and frequent advisories on products and services over the Internet.  Avisena immediately communicates via email any HIPAA, HIMMSS and other professional, legal and regulatory issues to its database of clients and associates. Also via email, the organization regularly communicates with staff and informs company shareholders about the status of their business.  Likewise, Avisena relies on EmailBrain’s reporting and stats features to identify and follow up on business leads.


Avisena is a technology company that offers a unique end to end scheduling, billing and collections solution for an array of highly regulated healthcare businesses and practices, particularly those that provide consultation and/or services covered by insurance companies. The company wanted to include email marketing components to its vigorous marketing and business communication strategies, which included publishing several print newsletters, industry advisories and invitations each month directed to clients, shareholders and staff. Additionally, Avisena needed support to grow their database of visitors to their website and to follow up on leads generated by this presence in the Web.


EmailBrain provided Avisena with tools to address its diverse marketing and business communications needs. These tools include an easy-to-use online page editor and an array of reusable templates to create and quickly modify attractive, graphics-rich HTML newsletters, press releases, notices and invitations. EmailBrain also made available to Avisena a range of automated list management tools that allow flexibility to manage and maintain both their master mailing list and multiple sub-lists that are relevant to the company’s different levels of business. Avisena, as well, uses EmailBrain’s reports and stats generator -which collects information from visitors to their website, that allows the company to evaluate their emarketing communications efforts, as well as identify and follow up on the 12,000-32,000 potential business leads the company gets every month.


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