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I would not be in business without a global market, and the way I reach it is through a high quality website and ongoing email marketing efforts. EmailBrain offers a product that makes my vital email marketing efforts, effortless. Peggy M. Huff, President


The Essence Recovery Center emarkets its exclusive holistic treatment program for addictions and other health afflictions to a global, high profile audience consisting of individuals who wish to reclaim their health naturally and to experience health recovery in a way that supports ongoing success.


Essence Recovery Center caters to executives and high profile clients from all over the world. The Center offers an exclusive Health Retreat that provides an all-inclusive vacation-like atmosphere in a private, exclusive estate. Their unique 28 day in patient detoxifying and healing program uses Orthomolecular Medicine (also labeled ‘Nutritional Gene Therapy’) and holistic treatments to correct chemical imbalances that can lead to addictions to alcohol, drugs, food and other substances.


Essence Recovery Center experiences increased business with the delivery of enewsletters and notices at least twice a month or more often if they have important information to share with a recipient list that now reaches 18,000 subscribers.


On one hand, Essence Recovery Center’s exclusive target market but global reach demand a very effective emarketing solution; on the other, supporting ongoing success is key in any addiction and health recovery program. The Center’s unique approach and therapies are constantly evolving. They need to communicate new discoveries and treatments. The company also markets a line of nutra pharmaceuticals that they sell online. The Center was quite unhappy with a well known emarketing solution it was using to promote its services and communicate with its subscriber base.


After serendipitously clicking on the EmailBrain logo found at the end of an endearing personal email message, the president of Essence Recovery Center decided to try this solution... and never went back to the one they were using previously. The company experiences an increase in the number of applications for their treatment center with every email campaign they send out, estimating that of the 90 percent business generated via their website, 50 percent comes in directly from their email marketing efforts. Sales have risen, and the company notices that their global presence becomes more recognized.


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