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Business today is about good customer relations and permission based e-mail is the cultivation tool for sustaining these relationships. Rita Larivee, Publisher


The National Catholic Reporter Publishing Company adds an online version of its print newsweekly and issues weekly notices to subscribers.


The National Catholic Reporter is a renowned independent newsweekly founded in 1964 with a commitment to in depth reporting on global peace and justice issues. The print publication registers over 120,000 loyal readers in 96 countries on 6 continents and has earned "Best Investigative Reporting" and "General Excellence" awards from the Catholic Press Association for seven years in a row.


Every week, the National Catholic Publishing Company uses EmailBrain to communicate new columns and the posting of the latest issue of their newsweekly, the National Catholic Reporter, to over 10,000 individual subscribers to the online version of the publication, the National Catholic Reporter Online. The publisher finds that subscribers have been receptive to their permission based email marketing efforts, which translates into more business for the publisher.


The National Catholic Reporter Publishing Company strives for excellence in its publications. Keeping up with the times and technology, the publisher developed an online version of the National Catholic Reporter, an independent print newsweekly that the company has published for over 40 years. Subscribers to the print version of the National Catholic Reporter have access to the National Catholic Reporter Online at no additional charge and can opt to receive weekly courtesy emails announcing new columns and the latest postings.


EmailBrain provides the National Catholic Reporter Publishing Company with the features it needs to create, edit and distribute their weekly email notices to subscribers who have opted in for this service. Also, EmailBrain’s unsubscribe resource and list management features are used by the publisher to easily clean, maintain and update its mailing lists.


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