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With EmailBrain we have found a very simple yet extremely effective way to market to our readers and customers. Andrew Nelson, Director of Operations


The online component of Tennis Magazine required a reliable ESP and tools to produce and distribute’s monthly enewsletter The Scoop.


The renowned Tennis magazine launched its online component over 10 years ago, labeled “the first in depth tennis web site to hit the WWW”. Tennis is a title that caters to the sport’s worldwide community and fans with relevant news and data on everything tennis has to offer: news on previous events, news on upcoming events, player profiles, game schedules, instruction resources, gear reviews, and more. Their online component adds an interactive online community area and ways to subscribe to the publication, whether in print, online, newsletter or all. 
They publish a free monthly newsletter called The Scoop, and send it out via email to a list of 40,000 subscribers.


The company is 100% satisfied with the results of their relationship with EmailBrain. Every month and without incidents, delivers The Scoop right into their subscribers’ inboxes, providing them with the details on the most recent events, the schedule of events to take place in the following months, contests, new products, instruction updates, and any information relevant or pertaining to the tennis scene that they willingly expect.

Challange: was using an ESP that proved to be unreliable. Despite the fact that The Scoop is a subscription newsletter, the publisher faced an excessive number of hard bounces, returned messages and false positive spam related blocks.


Since testing and later adopting EmailBrain as their ESP, they “have not encountered problems of any kind with their mailings”. EmailBrain allows the publisher to more effectively market to users and readers, manage a current and validated list of subscribers, provide the public with an easy way to opt in and out of their subscriber list and access thorough reports and stats on a regular basis.


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