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Our company holds our customers as the most important component of our business. We work at maintaining that image from the customers’ point of view. A large part of the marketing mix to accomplish this is our doing permission based emarketing. Arlin Harder, President


Arlin Estetique Inc. USA required an ESP to develop the company’s emarketing initiative directed to current and potential clients.


Arlin Estetique Inc. USA is a sales organization established in 1999. The company specializes in sales of high end medical/spa equipment to plastic surgeons and dermatologists in Latin America.


After a suggestion from their provider of marketing artwork and printed materials, Arlin Estetique searched several options of ESP over the Internet and chose EmailBrain for their permission based marketing program, which includes emailing flyers on a regular basis.


Arlin Estetique maintains a substantial database of current and prospective clients consisting of plastic surgeons and dermatologists in the South/Latin America region. The company frequently mailed out printed flyers inviting separate lists of current and prospective clients to visit their website, but the feedback to evaluate the efficacy of this effort was null or, at its best, unsatisfactory.


EmailBrain provided Arlin Estetique with an easy to use solution to both its emarketing communications needs and their need to evaluate the actual impact of their marketing messages. EmailBrain allows Arlin Estetique to create and send out their messages on a weekly basis to either a master list or a number of sub lists.  It also contributes to list maintenance and evaluation of their marketing programs by producing timely reports on message opens (and who opens), hard bounces, soft bounces, opt outs and replies.


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