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Permission based email marketing has been the main source of developing leads for our business and has definitely had an impact in terms of increased business, branding and sales opportunities. Mikel Bruce, President


WebFlexor adds value to its core offer of web hosting and web design solutions for small businesses that give the control of editing the website to the user.


At two years into business, WebFlexor has a growing customer base of over 300 small businesses that now manage their websites and permission based emarketing tools efficiently and independently.


WebFlexor is now a one stop shop for easy to use web based resources for small businesses. EmailBrain provides WebFlexor with cost-effective, permission based emarketing communications solutions at wholesale prices.


As a startup business established in 2004 to provide web hosting and website solutions for small businesses, shortly after its inception WebFlexor sought to add value to its core products, cultivate a closer relationship with a growing customer base and foster customer loyalty -while keeping costs low.


WebFlexor concluded that permission based emarketing resources with features such as mailing list management, e-newsletter creation, editing and distribution and other permissionbased emarketing features were a perfect match to their core business. WebFlexor found that EmailBrain’s resources -particularly the ecommunications tools such as list hosting, list management, enewsletter and marketing email creation, editing and distribution features- provided the ideal complement to their solutions.

EmailBrain worked with WebFlexor to provide all the resources and features the company required at wholesale prices. These not only fit WebFlexor’s purpose of adding value to their products and strengthening relationships with their customer base, but are also customized by WebFlexor in order to promote brand awareness and draw potential customers to their website.


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