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Clubs & Lounges

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Your happy hours are memorable. Any weekend can be a blast at your place. You come up with the most amazing themed events. You entertain a crowd of loyal party animals. But competition is plenty, resourceful and brutal, so you must work hard to keep your edge sharp. You see, EmailBrain puts the ultimate emarketing communication tools in your hands and offers an unmatchable level of support so you can give more time to the more creative side of your business.

What Can EmailBrain do for Your Industry?

  • Design, edit and distribute customized email newsletters.
  • Promote your next activity, themed event or show.
  • Drive recipients to your website to opt-in for VIP passes, complimentary tickets and special offers.
  • Grow your relationship with your VIP and A lists.
  • Market/Sell your branded merchandise.
  • Manage your mailing lists.
  • Track responses.


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