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You often find your memos to parents, schedules, fundraiser flyers, PTA announcements, warnings, etc. crumpled in your students’ backpacks weeks after you handed them out. We understand your frustration! Communication with parents and students is key to your work, and communication will have a chance to be effective only when they actually see your message.

What Can EmailBrain do for Your Industry?

  • Distribute newsletters.
  • Deliver your rules, schedules, calendar of events, invitations, reminders, general notices and warnings —right into parents’ emailboxes.
  • Appeal to parents for support to fundraisers.
  • Promote extracurricular activities.
  • Boost your PTA.
  • Promote registration.
  • Communicate teacher and staff recruiting efforts.
  • Market/Sell educational items.
  • Manage your mailing lists.
  • Track responses.


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